Bike Racks or Bike Lockers?

Many people are cycling more, rather than using cars, for environmental reasons and fitness. This is a trend that is only growing in popularity, and it creates a need for bike parking that managers have to address. Additional bikes have to be housed somewhere that is convenient and secure, without compromising the functionality and perhaps even aesthetic appeal of the existing space. The solution, is to install bike racks or bike lockers on your site, but which is the best fit for your circumstances? Let’s explore this issue in more detail and examine some of the Pros and Cons of each system.

The Bike Locker

A bike locker is a lockable space for housing the bikes on your site. The benefits are that the security can be a little higher depending upon the quality of the construction. However, the locker has an entry point that must be secured with a lock, and thus it is only as good as the lock that is used. It is likely that your employees or visitors will be using their own padlocks, so the level of security will vary a great deal.

The Bike Rack

If they have ever used bike racks, Perth cyclist will know that there are multiple different kinds available. Essentially, they are a closed loop rack structure that is secured into the ground and bikes are locked to them. Again, cyclists will use their own locks, and the responsibility for the security lies solely with them. Experienced cyclists will understand, that how they lock their bikes and which locks they use are both equally important. However, it is important to note that a bike rack takes up much less space than a bike locker, making it a natural fit if space is at a premium. Also, racks are cheaper to buy and install when compared to bike locker systems.

Site Security Concerns

If your site is located in a high crime area, bike thefts may be a common occurrence. In this situation damage to bikes caused by failed thefts can become a real issue. As previously stated a bike locker is not really any more secure than a rack, but it can prevent damage because of a failed theft. This is less of an issue in lower crime areas with higher visibility and/or if the bike rack is located on a secure site with additional security measures in place.

If they are considering installing bike racks, Perth business managers should contact us. At Image Bollards, we have a variety of high quality solutions to suit your bike rack needs. All of our racks are high quality, weather resistant and easily installed. Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.