Bike Racks – Reasons to Go Green


Today, it is all about trying to live a greener life. Recycling materials, using sustainable and reusable products, reducing plastic use and cutting down the number of cars on the road.

There are just so many ways to live green. Take reducing vehicles on the road as an example, we can either take the public transport, carpool with friends or colleagues or simply ride a bicycle. As ideal as these solutions sound, they come with challenges of their own.

Bike Racks

Public transport – it could be costly and it might take a longer time to travel from one place to another. Carpooling – it would only work if you have friends or colleagues who live close by and are heading to the same destination. As for traveling by bike, the question revolves around the convenience of it. Where should I park my bike when I’ve arrived at my destination? Is it safe? Image Bollards knows your concern as bike riders and had manufactured a range of bike racks for sale.


Having bike racks in busy city centres and in restaurants and shopping hot spots would be a gamechanger as one big contributing factor to why people abandoned the idea of traveling by bike is because of the inconvenience of looking for a secure spot to park them. Locating bike racks in your area, in front of your building or stores, is one, not only able to increase the percentage of people traveling by bikes but two, be seen as an extra service provided for your

customers and staff. For people who live nearby especially, riding a bike would definitely be more efficient than driving and they’d appreciate that you’d taken that into consideration.


Parking in a designated area would also mean that your bike would be in a safer condition. Simply parking by the roads or leaving your bike outside the building would risk the possibility of theft and other vehicles driving into/scraping your beloved bike. Adding on to the example raised in the previous point above, with bike racks, customers can now shop carefreely without needing to divert part of their attention to worrying about the security of their bikes.


Image Bollards has a range of bike racks personalised for different situations and functions. If you have minimal available spaces at home or in your workplace, the Dugite Single Bike Rack would be your choice. The bike rack, like its name, can accommodate only a single bike. For more spacious places that have higher demands for parking space for bikes, the Bike Rails and 4 Bike – Hot Dipped Galvanised would be the better option. Our 4 Bike racks, in particular, are widely used in schools all over Australia.


Considering also the visual presentation of the bike racks, Image Bollards had manufactured different styles of bike racks. The Spiral Stainless Steel Bike Rack, the favourite among Architects, gives off a fun and creative look and can effectively store up to 4 bikes; while the Zephyr Bike Rack, our award-winning bike rack in Perth, screams modern and trendy and fits only a single bike per rack. Interesting fact – Zephyr is also made from polished Tasmanian aluminium which is 100% recyclable; supporting the go green movement to a new level.

Contact our team today for further information on bike racks in Perth WA, either for green living, for the convenience and benefits of your colleagues and staff, or as an additional service for customers, we have just the bike racks you’d need.