Bollards Are Just Posts On The Road? Think Again.

We do quite frequently see bollards on and by the road, in front of and by the sides of buildings, in the park, in the housing area and in the parking lots. These bollards come in different designs, colours, and sizes. And that’s it. We don’t really put much thought into them apart from noticing that they are around in the streets and their physical appearances. They are more than just posts on the road. Many sometimes missed out on the benefits having these bollards installed or located in their housing area and workplace.

installing security bollards

One – For Safety

Of course, we’d like to think that incidents like having a car rammed into your houses or shops are less likely to happen, but we’d seen a lot of news reporting such accidents which proved that it’s not at all impossible. For precautions, or to reduce harm when indeed the unforeseen does happen, bollards can and should be installed. These will function as a deterrent to reduce the force from the collision, making sure that damage is reduced to the minimum (view Shock Absorbing Bollards).

Two – For Privacy (Prevent Trespassers)

Bollards can be used to keep vehicles out from driving or trespassing into your private spots or areas. For examples, to keep cars and motorcycles out from entering the parks or to keep cars from entering your company’s premises out of business hours. If the path is intended to be permanently closed up, then the permanent bollards that are built into the ground would be an ideal choice. However, for entrance that is only temporarily closed, you can then opt for Image Bollards’ retractable bollards or removable bollards.

Three – Personal Parking Space

For business owners, in particular, parking bollards could up your game in running your business. Customers would no doubt appreciate the privilege or “extra service” of not needing to look for a parking when they come to shop (which could be really frustrating). Having a parking spot ‘reserved’ for them would make them feel like VIPs. Not only does it help them save time, it’ll also give them better mood during their visit!

Four – For Decoration

Some bollards, like the ones you see in parks or seen lined up in fancy housing areas, are used for decorative purposes. They might not function as to provide safety, but they might be used to draw the attention of visitors or customers. What more, Image Bollards’ decorative bollards are made of stainless steel, giving your place a more classy, sleek and modern look.

If you are confused over which kind of bollards to get, out of all the different varieties of bollards available, do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants, in Image Bollards Melbourne and in Image Bollards Perth, will be more than glad to explain and guide you through discovering what you really need!