Choosing the Right Wheel
Stops for First Time Buyers

Wheel stops have become very popular over the last decade because of the increase in the number of vehicles and the decrease of parking lot available. These are often used not just because of limited parking but also to control parking. It is especially true for those who are still learning how to park their cars correctly as it serves as their guide. On the other hand, this could also be used as a safety measure for bigger vehicles such as trucks as it ensures no property damage due to uncalculated parking. These are also often used as a limit to where cars can go especially when in areas crowded by people especially kids and older men. If it is your first time to check out vehicle wheel stops, you might be awed with how many different types there are. Wheel stop types are all sorted out according to the kind of vehicle they could cater to help you
choose quickly.

Wheel Stops

Rubber Wheel Stops

Rubber wheel stops as the name implies is made with rubber and is designed explicitly for regular-sized cars. It is often used to control parking when space is limited. Frequently, you see this in private homes or apartment buildings. It does not only protect the car, but it also protects the property from any damages. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its durability. It is often made with durable and robust material to ensure that it doesn’t chip off easily and it is not prone to corrosion.

Compliance Wheel Stops

Compliance wheel stops are most popular in Australia as it suits the Australian weather perfectly. This type of wheel stop is with high – tech Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) making it environmentally friendly. When it comes to durability, you can be sure that it is more than sturdy as they have to comply with wheel stops Australia laws. This product is not just available in Australia, but it is also well-known in other countries, especially in Europe.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops are the most popular type when it comes to durability and strength. It is for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. High-quality concrete is the key ingredient, so it is not just, but most of the time, it is also designed to look like the road itself.

Heavy Duty Truck Stop

A heavy-duty truck stop is perhaps the most popular type among trucks and buses. It is made with heavy-duty materials and used for trucks and trailers. It ensures that huge vehicles parked will not tend running away or slipping.

There are many different kinds of wheel stops, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is your discretion to choose one that is most appropriate for your house or even business. What you need to do is to determine the purpose of the wheel stop and to check the features of your chosen one first before purchasing.