3 Reasons for Choosing Concrete Wheel Stops for Your Car Park

When you’re planning a car park for your property, you need to ensure that your employees and clients have the safest organised parking experience. One of the best ways to do this is to add wheel stops to those parking areas, and concrete may be the best material to suit your needs. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and explore three reasons how wheel stops can help to make your car park better.

Effective Traffic Control

Any successful commercial venture or busy industrial unit will have a crowded car park. This is especially true during peak periods, and busier parking areas are more prone to incidents. Traffic jams, low speed collisions and incorrect travelling in designated driving lanes can all cause problems. The installation of wheel stops can help to make traffic easier to control. A series of wheels stops will assist in guiding the flow of traffic; it will stop drivers from moving into an oncoming lane and prevent driving the wrong way in a one way traffic lane.

Accident Prevention

For many property owners, the primary reason for installing concrete wheels stops is to prevent drivers from pulling too far forwards in their parking spaces. The wheel stop offers a physical barrier to obstruct the travel of the car wheels into pedestrian areas and other parked vehicles. Drivers are encouraged to park safely, and risky driving maneuvers are far harder to attempt. The installation of wheel stops is typically followed by a dramatic decrease in the number of low speed collisions in a car park. This will make your employees and clients feel safer and more confident in using your parking facilities.

Improving the Appearance

It may seem strange, but the installation of wheel stops can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your car parking areas. This can easily be achieved by carefully selecting the colour schemes for your wheel stops and associated infrastructure. Wheel stops, also help to ensure that cars are parked in a uniform manner to make the best use of the available space. This also makes the car park look smarter, by creating neat rows of parked cars and clean travel lanes. Any visiting clients are sure to have an immediate positive first impression on the tidiness and efficiency in the parking areas.

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