Dugite Concrete Wheel Stop



At Image Extra, we provide concrete wheel stops around Perth to provide a convenient safety measure for your parking area. Designed to match kerbing, our concrete wheel stops will blend in with the surroundings while also offering a clear barrier. If you don’t like the look of plain concrete, they may also be painted to fit any colour scheme or for high visibility. Our products all comply with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 so you can be confident that you’re receiving high quality.

Australia’s Concrete Wheel Stops


A concrete wheel stop is ideal for use in any car park and helps vehicles within a parking area to stop safely without moving too far into other parking bays. They also help vehicles avoid hitting other vehicles or property by mistake and causing unnecessary damage when parking. After all, it’s very easy for people to misjudge how far forward or back they can go! They can also help to protect garden beds and pedestrians by providing a clear barrier which indicates vehicles should stop.

The Concrete Wheel Stops By Image Extra

Image Extra can supply concrete wheel stops to your business and offer free delivery when you purchase over 40 units. We also provide quality installation services which is the most convenient option when it comes to your business, given they are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. Simply let us know how many you need and where you want them – we can do the rest!

Please keep in mind that we can only provide our concrete wheel stops for their intended purpose and should not be placed in the path of pedestrians walking to and from parked cars or crossing a car park for any other purpose.

Contact Us For More Information On Our Concrete Wheel Stops

For a quote on your project or for any additional information on our concrete wheel stops, contact Image Extra today.

Conforms to AS/NZS 2890.1:2004

  • Prevents cars from overhanging pedestrian walkways
  • Conforms to AS/NZ 2890.1.2004
  • Protecting vehicles and property from damage
  • Spikes sold separately
  • Installation service available
  • Height 100mm
  • Width 230mm
  • Weight 65KG
  • Length 1650mm
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