Encourage Cycling to Work Schemes with On Site Bike Racks

When they think about bike racks, Perth business managers may not be aware of their benefits. Encouraging cycling to work is a great way to help the environment and promote health amongst your employees. There are health benefits that come with cycling, such as: boosting brainpower, increasing concentration, speeding up injury recovery and control weight effectively. However, in order to encourage cycling, efforts must be made to ensure that the cycle can be stored securely. A modern road cycle can represent a significant investment and confidence needs to be established that it can be kept safe.

Making Cycling Attractive

Obviously, providing appropriate Bike racks for cycle storage is a great way to start, but there are other steps you could take. Along with storage, a changing area and showering area may be required and some lockers for personal gear, such as cycling clothes, helmets and bags/panniers. Perhaps your company could arrange for a team building cycling course on site to promote cycling safety for new and out of practice cyclists. There could be interesting partnerships available with local cycling shops to get employee discounts. All of these steps will raise awareness and promote cycling to work as a fun and easy option.

Cycle Security Solutions

At Image Bollards, we have a number of different bike storage solutions to fit a variety of needs and budgets. At the basic level, we have a simple low profile galvanised bike that can lock up to four bikes in place using the wheels. We also have larger bike rails and a stainless steel spiral bike rack for more substantial security. Finally, we have an individual Dugite single bike rack for securely locking one bike at a time. At the top of our range, we have the Zephyr bike rack, made from polished Tasmanian aluminium; it’s a functional work of art. In fact, all of our racks are tough and also attractive to maintain the aesthetic appeal on your site.

Other Considerations

If space is at a premium on your site, it may seem like a crazy idea to use more space up to install bike racks. Actually, the opposite is true, a bike rack doesn’t take up much space, and it can be mounted in a variety of ways. Another consideration is that over time you may notice that your parking spaces are being used less. This space can then be used for other purposes if required or be considered as unnecessary in future rental negotiations. Appropriate insurance may be required, although a simple declaration from the cyclist, may be all that’s required for the purposes of responsibility, in the event of a bike theft.

If they are interested in the installation of bike racks, Perth WA based site managers should contact us. At Image Bollards, we can supply and install a large selection of high quality security and safety equipment. All our product range is manufactured to high standards, and they are fully compliant with all Australian standards. Our sales advisors are standing by to discuss your needs in greater detail and to answer any additional questions you may have.