Five Primary Uses for Steel Bollards

Bollards offer protection and security in a wide range of scenarios. Different materials mean that certain bollards can be better suited to particular applications. So, here are five primary uses for a Stainless steel bollard.

Traffic Calming

Steel bollards are often used as a traffic calming measure. They can be used to prevent vehicle spillover, reduce traffic speed and delineate a car free zone. Strategically placing the bollards can help to reduce the frequency of vehicle accidents. While flexible bollards can also be used, steel bollards can be heavily reinforced to provide greater impact protection.


Stainless steel bollards can also be used to illuminate areas. Poorly lit areas tend to encourage crime and make pedestrians feel uneasy. By enhancing visibility, you can improve the security in sensitive areas. Typically, there is the option to have the bollard connected to the electrical network for mains power or have a self contained unit with small solar cells to generate energy to illuminate an LED light.

Periodic Traffic Control

Some sites require traffic management measures only during certain times of the day. For example, school zones or factories employing shift workers may need to limit vehicular access to ensure safety standards are met. In these cases, retractable or removable steel bollards can be used. These types of bollards use a mounting which is permanently fixed to the site to allow the bollard to either retract or be removed to allow vehicular access. Temporary bollards can also be beneficial on sites where the area is pedestrian only but may need to allow access for emergency service vehicles.

Preserving Historic Sites

Around the country, there are thousands of structures, buildings, sites and even objects that have historical value. These sites need to be preserved as they can be vulnerable to damage or even defacement. In this type of scenario, the placement of bollards can discourage careless activities and intentional vandalism. The choice of bollard will depend on the circumstances and the budget priorities at the site.

Aesthetic Reasons

Finally, bollards can be used for aesthetic reasons. While many of us think of bollards as a purely practical item, they can actually complement landscaping designs and construction. The placement of bollards can be used to create flow through landscaping or accentuate the curve and shape of pathways and plant beds. Even if there is no need to limit access, the bollards can make an excellent aesthetic feature of the overall design.

If you would like further details about the numerous uses for steel bollards, Perth property owners should contact us. We have a massive selection of bollards in a wide range of styles and materials. The Image Extra team would be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in determining the solution that is best suited to your particular needs.