Five Reasons to Encourage Your Team to Bike to Work

If you have considered installing bike racks in front of your office or business premises, you may have asked yourself whether it is worth the effort. After all, there is nothing sadder than a single bike rack sat empty. However, biking is a great form of exercise and can offer some positive benefits for both your team and your bottom line.

It’s Fun

Even if you have had a great weekend, you are likely to feel your mood drop when your colleagues or team members start to arrive at work in a grump. Biking to work is quite simply fun. Your team members can listen to birds while enjoying the fresh air on their way into work. Since you’ve provided bike racks, they also don’t need to stress about what to do with their bike when they arrive, so it’s a win-win.

Improved Fitness

Everyone enjoys feeling fitter and healthier, but many of us struggle to find the time to fit exercise into our schedule. Biking to work not only allows you to improve your health, but your team won’t need to face dragging themselves to the gym after work. The bonus for you is that if your team is fitter, they are less likely to be struck down with illnesses, so you can reduce the costly expense of sick days.

Boosted Cognitive Function

Research has documented that regular physical activity can boost your brain power. Exercising every day, such as biking to and from work can sharpen the memory, prevent cognitive decline and boost overall brain performance. This should prevent those unproductive mid afternoon slumps and improve overall team performance.

Saves Money

While this one doesn’t directly assist business owners, if your team can save a little money it should make them feel a little happier. With the rising costs of fuel and other car related expenses, biking on the daily commute could add up to some significant savings. If your team ditch their cars altogether, they could find themselves thousands of dollars better off each year.

It’s Greener

Most of us are concerned with our environmental impact, but even the most pro car advocate cannot argue that even the greenest vehicle cannot compete with pedal power. Transportation accounts for approximately a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. An average bike has a lifespan of fifteen years, with the minimal amount of maintenance, which adds up to an average of 60 kilojoules of CO2 emissions per passenger mile, this is minuscule compared to the 4027 kilojoules clocked up with a standard sedan vehicle.

Although installing bike racks may be considered a speculative expense, if you can encourage your team to get biking, you could enjoy some fantastic benefits to boost your productivity and profits. If you are considering installing bike racks, Perth business owners should speak to us. We offer a range of bike racks, from the single bike rack like our Dugite bike rack to multiple bike rails. The Image Extra team is available to answer any queries you may have and assist you in choosing the solution best suited to your needs.