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From Image Bollards to Image Extra

Image Bollards to Image Extra

Here’s some exciting news for you. 

We are changing our name from “Image Bollards” to “Image Extra”. 

This is really big news, and we’d like to explain what this means for us, our community, and you, our valued client. 

Our Bigger Focus 

We’ve been keeping Western Aussie businesses safe since 1994 – delivering on bollard and safety equipment in a wide range of different industries and settings. 

But times are changing. 

And we’re expanding. 

While our trademark services and products aren’t going anywhere, we’re adding extra products and services to our can-do list – making us more competitive, more applicable, and more relevant to your needs. 

Extra products, extra solutions, extra… the name’s just kind of stuck.

Image Extra – that’s our name.

What does all this mean?

First up, we’re not going anywhere. Second, you can expect more from us.

More safety products, more compliance-based solutions for businesses navigating strict legislation and community guidelines. 

We’re upgrading how and what we deliver.

From now on you can expect a wider range of safety products, and more resources to help keep your business and your customers safe. 

Get customised safety products 

Our range may be bigger, but it’s no less customisable. And of course, you can expect better quality safety products and solutions that meet your specific needs while also catering to ever-stricter legislation and local council regulations.

Do we still do bollards?

You bet. Bollards were our foundation and we’re only getting more advanced in how we deliver our safety bollards solutions to our clients. Visit our range of Bollards Perth for more info. 

Where can you find us?

You can now find our products Australia-wide. Wherever you are, we can assist you in finding the right solution for your needs. If you’re one of our local Perth clients, we’re with you all the way. You can find us at our new Balcatta location – we’re fully stocked and ready to trade. 

Reach out to us at any time to talk about your safety solutions.

Image Extra is the leading bollard supplier in Perth. With decades of experience, we pride ourselves in “Protecting Your Business”.