How Bike Racks Could Refine Your Business Image

The Australian Government is continuously taking measures to increase and to promote active transport among the Australian communities. Active transport is defined as a physical activity undertaken as a mean of transport, for example, walking and cycling. Some of the strategies that were carried out are such as funding of pedestrian and cycling facilities and ensuring safer cycling routes and walking paths. The objective of this, aside from reducing the number of cars and pollutions, is also to encourage healthier living among the Australians.

Often, due to work, packed timetable and laziness, the importance of exercising is neglected and is pushed to the end of our to-do list. A solution to this problem is to incorporate exercise into our daily routine instead of seeing it as a hobby to do only when there are extra time and energy to spare. For example, instead of driving, we should cycle to work! The benefits of cycling go a long list, but are you also aware of the advantages of supporting the active transport? Providing bike parking at your company premises for instance, could refine your business image. Here’s how:


Community Engagement

Difficulties in finding a safe and secure bike parking contribute to the low statistics of people traveling by bike in Australia. Supporting the government’s vision of practicing active transport by being a bike-friendly business that offers safe parking spaces for the cyclist to store their transport gives light to the company’s image. It informs your customers, investors or business partners that aside from money and marketing, your business is also giving interest to the betterment of your community or country.

Customer Care

Being one of the few businesses that provide bike racks in Perth Australia for customers would give your company a thoughtful and caring image. It shows that your company has taken its cycling customers’ inconvenience of finding parking into consideration. When you neglect these issues, the cyclists, your potential customers who could be interested in your products or business, will just cycle pass you. You are basically shrinking down your own customer base. Bike parking could be a unique customer service your company has that would distinguish you from the other businesses.

Employees’ Well-being

Cycling to work is a great way to kick start the day. By the time your staff arrived at work, they’d be fresh and energised. Moreover, exercising is also known to release endorphins which triggers positive feeling and boost the overall mood of a person. Being both happy and healthy, staffs’ performance and productivity will be positively affected for the rest of the day. Providing bike racks around company premises acts as motivations for colleagues to cycle to work. Develop this as a culture in your company and build an image as a company that emphasises on workers’ well-being emotionally and physically.

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