How Sustainable are Cast Iron Bollards?

When most people think about cast iron bollards, they might imagine a smoking iron foundry from the industrial revolution period. However, cast iron is still regarded as a useful and strong construction material. Bearing in mind the environmental regulation in place across most of the world an old fashioned foundry would not be viable. Although the production of cast iron is an energy intensive process, this does not tell the whole story. In fact, cast iron is better for the environment than you may imagine and the energy cost of production is offset by several important factors.

The Recycling of Cast Iron

Cast iron is an interesting material, it can be recycled indefinitely without compromising any of its useful properties. Most cast iron used today is sourced from recycled scrap iron parts, from: foundry returns, construction waste and assorted car parts. Very little to no “pig iron” is used and recycled scrap iron is used whenever possible. Scrap iron is cheaper to buy in bulk and there is no reduction in strength or other performance indicators. This is real genuine recycling, the scrap iron is melted and later formed into fresh new cast iron products.

The Longevity of Cast Iron

Products made from cast iron are tough and strong, this offsets the energy costs of melting the scrap iron. A cast iron product will last a very long time and later it can be melted and made into something else. The entire cost of cast iron products compared to aluminium or PVC, costs only 35% over a 100 year lifespan. This means that in the medium to long term, the costs of producing cast iron are far outweighed by it durability and longevity.

A 21st Century Construction Material

All over the world, cast iron products can be found in use that were made decades ago. This material has been a popular option since the industrial revolution for all kinds of construction projects. Cast iron has a high compressive strength and a low tensile strength. This means that it’s a tough material, but it can also be moulded into useful shapes and designs. This is why we see many older buildings with cast iron railings, roof lights, structural supports and windows. Many award winning buildings have been made with cast iron supports and other construction elements. Cast iron is still a very relevant material today, although some use it for its classic aesthetic appeal, it also offers a useful way to combine strength and flexibility in construction.

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