How to Prepare Retractable or Removable Bollards for Winter

In the midst of a hot summer, the prospect of winter can seem like years away. However, this is actually a great time to consider preparing your retractable or removable bollards for the winter months. The cold winter temperatures and conditions can be very detrimental, particularly for removable steel bollards, which may be susceptible to corrosion. The mechanical components and below ground receivers can suffer damage when they are exposed to significant rainfall and cold temperatures, so to keep your bollards functioning throughout the year, they will need a little care and maintenance.

Clear Debris From the Receivers

During summer and autumn, it is very common for debris to accumulate on any concrete surfaces. Unfortunately, this debris can affect the functionality of your removable security bollards, particularly if it becomes wet. This debris can form blockages or offset the post, which may mean that the bollard seizes. You should try to keep the areas around the receivers as clean as possible, so you can prevent sand, rubbish or other debris from falling in. When you are cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your business premises, it is a good idea to use a wet dry vacuum cleaner to remove anything which may have fallen into the receiver.

Examine the Bollards

Prior to the winter arriving, you should lubricate any retractable or removable bollards. This is also the time to check for any signs of structural or surface damage. Even minor issues such as scratches and scrapes can worsen and create a vulnerability for rust or corrosion. Corrosion and dents can affect the bollard’s structural integrity, so to avoid any further deterioration the damage should be treated as soon as it is possible. If there is significant damage, such as a broken or cracked component, you should take the bollard out of service until it can be repaired or replaced.

Clean the Bollards

Before winter, it is a good idea to clean your bollards. This will allow you to remove any surface debris that has accumulated. Dirt stuck to the bollard has a risk of falling into the receiver and causing it to seize. Regular cleaning is also beneficial as it prevents abrasion damage and ensures that you maintain your aesthetics. Some bollards are designed to be low maintenance, but an accumulation dust from the hot summer will make your bollards look a little grubby.

If you notice rust posts, ensure that it is removed and seal the bollard with a metal primer before using a matching enamel top coat to touch up the area. If the rust has become more than a minor area, you may need to have your bollard re-coated.


Finally, the internal mechanisms should be lubricated with assembly grease. This will protect the mechanisms from any trace amounts of moisture which may find itself in the assembly.

If you would like to learn more about removable bollards, contact us. We have a wide selection of removable and retractable bollards including low maintenance removable steel bollards