How to Use Safety Bollards

When they think about bollards for sale, many people only consider their application in designating parking spaces and traffic lanes. In fact, bollards are more commonly used as a safety measure inside and around buildings. There are many different designs to choose from, and they are an ideal way to limit unwanted access. Let’s examine some ways that bollards can be used to beef up your on site security.

Improved Storefront Security

The use of cars and vans in ram raiding activities is still a popular modus operandi for criminals. This is a very real threat, especially for businesses that carry high value and luxury products. Luxurious storefronts, mall locations, and boutique stores all need adequate security measures to counteract this particular threat. The installation of barrier posts at the perimeter of your storefront will protect your property from vehicular collisions and casual vandalism. Even if the vehicle is travelling at high speeds, it will be effectively halted, thanks to the cumulative properties of multiple bollards acting together to counteract the kinetic force.

Extra Pedestrian Protection

In areas where many pedestrians are congregating, it may be necessary to install protection at the perimeter. This will offer protection in the event of an accidental or deliberate vehicular crash into the pedestrian area. This is becoming increasingly common in public areas to protect pedestrians, cycle lanes, park entrances, airport parking structures and school drop off locations. Bollards used in this way will offer a great deal of protection to people in the area preventing catastrophes.

Key Safety Bollard Features

Now that you can see their worth, it’s necessary to think about the key features that every safety bollard should have. A permanent level of protection could be added by a bollard that is fixed in place and cannot be moved. If you have more flexible requirements, a collapsible bollard could work well, and it can be easily moved for access. Many property managers choose a high reflective finish to make the bollard easier to see at night or in low light conditions. This can act as a visual deterrent for inattentive drivers driving past your property and even built in lights can be added. For others that are also concerned with visual appearance, a classy brushed finish or a classic cast iron bollard can add protection and add a stunning aesthetic appeal.

If they are interested in safety bollards, Perth property managers should contact us here at Image Extra. We supply and install a myriad of high quality safety and security equipment, including flexible bollards. All of our product range is fully compliant with all Australian safety regulations. Our team is standing by to discuss your needs in greater detail, and they can answer any remaining questions that you may have.