Increase Your Peace of Mind with Parking Bollards

The humble parking bollard is one of the most common bollards that you may see. They can be useful for guiding traffic, and they help to promote pedestrian safety in high traffic areas. This is accomplished by providing both a physical presence and a highly visible guide to alert drivers to avoid a designated area. These parking bollards are often painted in bright colours or reflective surfaces to increase visibility at night or in low light conditions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that these bollards can bring to your site.

Calming Traffic

Many studies have proved that bollards placed in high traffic can reduce the number of accidents. Drivers in areas where bollards are located tend to drive slower and have a higher degree of attention. This heightened awareness, even at slower speeds on a car park is crucial for raising reaction times. When a driver can react faster, the consequences of a collision can be drastically reduced.

Increasing Safety

The use of bollards in urban areas for protecting pedestrians is a well known planning strategy. A bollard can act as a physical barrier to provide protection from out of control vehicles. If a series of bollards are struck, their strength is added together to offer greater protection. Although the speeds in a parking area are lower, a vehicle can still cause significant damage to a pedestrian.

Improving Access

Both traffic and Parking Bollards can be used to prevent vehicular access near building entrances. A driver will not be able to park too close to the restricted area and vehicles can be prevented from parking too close to each other. This is very useful at a main entrance, where foot traffic could be very busy, and it needs to be kept clear. It would also be helpful at designated fire door exits to increase the level of safety in the event of an incident.

Increasing Confidence

This is an often overlooked aspect of the bollard in general, but they do increase the level of confidence in the areas where they are used. Drivers can be more certain of where they should be and where to avoid when maneuvering around the area. Pedestrian confidence is also raised, with clearly marked bollards providing a visual guide and protection from vehicles.

If you’re interested in parking lot bollards for your property, contact us here at Image Bollards. We supply and install a wide selection of security and safety equipment. All of our products are fully compliant with current Australian safety standards. Our sales team is looking forward to discussing your needs in greater detail and answering any remaining questions you may have.