Increasing Safety with Fold Down Parking Bollards

If you’re responsible for any kind of parking facility you may be interested in fold down parking posts installation. Fold down parking bollards are a great way to increase safety in car parks, but they are not the only solution. In order to make the right choice it’s important to be aware of all the possible solutions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different options and how they may work for you.

The Different Types of Parking Bollards

Essentially, there are three types of parking bollards available, they are: solid, retractable and flexible. Each has their own unique properties that make them attractive for certain applications in parking locations. Here are all three options presented in greater detail.

Solid Bollards

As the name would suggest, solid bollards are a permanently mounted bollard solution. The bollard is secured into the substrate of the car parking area, presenting a barrier to prevent vehicle drivers from entering unauthorised areas. They are constructed from steel that may be filled with concrete and they are painted in reflective colours to make them more visible. These bollards require less maintenance, they are also very strong, but they cannot be reconfigured to meet changing demands.

Retractable Bollards

These kinds of bollards can be lowered or raised to allow and deny access at various times of the day. When they are not being used they lower into drilled channels underground to present a flush surface. They can be raised or lowered manually, but increasingly this operation is carried out electronically with a remote control system. These kinds of bollards work well in a parking location that has a frequently changing layout. Because they need quite a lot of infrastructure, retractable bollards will be a more expensive option than the other two options.

Flexible Bollards

At this point many people may be wondering, can I have the flexibility of retractable bollards at a cheaper price? This is possible to a certain extent by using flexible (otherwise known as fold down) parking bollards. These can be used as needed to provide a cost effective solution that will not cause damage to vehicles. As the name would suggest, fold down parking bollards actually bend flat when they are struck by a vehicle. The bollards are constructed from lightweight materials that are unlikely to be damaged at the lower speeds used in car parks. They will do little to deter a determined rule breaker, but they can effectively direct the decisions of most drivers. Due to their lower cost and ease of installation, they make a great option for short term events as well.

If you would like to know more about parking bollards, contact us here at Image Extra. We have a wide variety of bollards, traffic calming and barrier systems available to suit every situation. All of our solutions are manufactured to high standards to suit a variety of budgets. Our sales team are standing by to offer professional advice and answer any other questions you may have.