Semi-automatic Bollards – Less Effort DIY

Aside from being used as barriers on the roads to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, bollards are also used to restrict vehicles from entering or trespassing into certain restricted areas. Where pathways need to be permanently closed, bollards permanently mounted to the ground, can be used. As for temporary closures such as restricting access to certain premises,  removable or retractable bollards should instead be used.

Retractable Bollard

However, using removable bollards means that you’d have to deal with the process of installing them, removing them and then finding a spot to store them. This would be a little impractical and inconvenient when restricting temporary access to locations involving high and regular traffic.  To resolve this, Image Bollards has manufactured semi-automatic retractable bollards which can be lowered into the ground and removed when required. This takes away the need for constant transportation and storage. The semi-automatic function means that when a key is inserted into the bollard, a gas strut is released leading to the automatic raising of the bollard to its maximum height. Semi-automatic retractable bollards have proven to be better, more efficient and definitely more convenient:

Anyone can do it! 

Raising the bollard requires a simple two-step process of inserting and turning the key. The bollard will then be raised, without any further effort from the operator. Retracting it follows a similar two-step process and the need to push the bollard all the way towards its base until a clicking is heard, indicating its locked-in status.  Semi-automatic bollards have made raising and lowering bollards convenient, minimising manpower and avoiding occupational health and safety issues. With just a key, anyone can raise and lower bollards with ease!

Cheaper but just as good! 

In terms of convenience, the most ideal bollard would be the automatic retractable bollards which works via a remote control enabling the user to raise and retract bollards from a distance, with a simple push of a button.  However, automatic bollards are more expensive, so if you are looking for something more affordable, but work just as well, and requires a little more effort, semi-automatic bollards are the right ones for you. 

Image Bollards now have two models of semi-automatic retractable bollards for sale – the Dugite Platinum Lift Assist Retractable Bollard (white powder coated) and the Dugite Platinum Stainless Steel Lift Assisted Retractable Bollard. Contact our team for more information, or you can just leave an enquiry via our website!