Steel Bollards – Now with More Functions

More and more varieties of safety bollards are available today and one that is gaining more interest and popularity each day is the steel bollards. Not only are they strong and highly sustainable, they are also highly presentable. For companies and parks that would like to give off a trendy and expensive look, stainless steel bollards are the way to go. After constant remodelling and upgrading process to improve these steel bollards, Image Bollards had now also designed bollards that are retractable.

Steel Bollards Reduced

Safety Feature

Bollards made of steel are meant to be tough and strong and should be able to withstand great force or collision. These are suitable to be used especially in highly populated or traffic-heavy areas. When accidents do occur, steel bollards should be strong enough to be able to force the vehicles that rammed into it to a stop, protecting the building, facilities or people behind it.

Decoration Feature

As mentioned above, the one other feature of steel bollards is that they are highly presentable. Stainless steel would give the area or building compound a trendy and more expensive look.

One bollard, but two functions – to both protect the area, people and facilities and to also enhance the visual presentation of the area; that is killing two birds with one stone. Besides, stainless steel would also mean that it’s highly sustainable and would not rust or corrode due to harsh Australian weather. Image Bollards has a range of decorative bollards that are not only made to protect building but also to give your building a sleek and classy image.

Retractable Feature

For places or areas where only temporary bollards are required, for example, entrance to the company’s premises or in parking space, retractable bollards are the most efficient and effective. Being retractable, removing bollards so you can enter an area or to park your car will no longer be hard work. No detaching of screws are needed, nor do you need to call for staffs and companies to remove them for you because all you’d need is a key. Not to mention, you’d also no longer need to think about where to store the removed bollards.

Catering to the auto-oriented living, the retractable bollards are also now semi-automated retractable and automatic retractable. With the key, simply insert it into the top of the bollard and then push to retract the bollards into the ground. To lift the bollards? Simply insert the key again and pull the bollards up. If this still isn’t efficient enough, Image Bollards had also manufactured a range of Lift Assisted bollards. Where the bollards can be lifted on their own with a turn of the key.

For bollards of other materials, plastic bollards, shock absorbing bollards or non-conducive bollards, feel free to browse through our page on the bollards category. We are confident that there’s something just for you. Do not hesitate to consult our team if you should have any further enquiries or if you’d need further guidance in deciding the right bollards for your home or company.