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Steel Bollards: What You Need To Know

Steel Bollards What You Need To Know

Steel bollards are sometimes referred to as aluminum pillars. They are used to line entrances to stores and access to sidewalks. Steel bollards are considered as street furniture. In fact, they have the makings of artistic and well-designed barricades.

These barriers are created for the purpose of getting the attention of drivers to prevent collisions within certain areas. You have most probably seen steel bollards when you drive or walk around, yet you might not have known what they’re called. 

Steel bollards have three types – removable, fixed, and collapsible. Each type provide protection from low to high-speed collisions.

What are the Best Ways to Use Bollards Made of Steel?

  • For decoration

Steel bollards are not just used for the purpose of providing protection. In fact, there are some events where they are used to form perimeters in highlighting the surrounding architecture. Aside from being visually appealing, steel bollards provide assistance to those who have difficulty in seeing sidewalks.

  • For security

Steel bollards are often seen outside of banks and near ATM machines. Do you recall seeing one? These barricades are usually used to keep vehicles from encroaching as well as to prevent security breaches. To make these steel bollards more appealing to the eyes, decorative pieces are usually added to them. What is not visible is the solid piece of fixed metal whose function is to prevent burglaries.

  • For traffic

Steel bollards are used to help control the traffic flow. When they are used to manage pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic, the possibility of having accidents and road traffic injuries can be significantly reduced.

How Strong are these Bollards?

Steel bollards have advantages, which include having high resistance to corrosion as well as being durable.

Made of sturdy stainless steel, these aluminum pillars are surrounded by and filled with concrete. They are definitely built to last. Because of their toughness and resilience to impact, they can provide not only a visual value to public places like malls and parking lots, but also security to banks and other similar facilities. 

When Broken, How to Fix Them?

Steel bollards, like any other street furniture and traffic control barriers, are highly susceptible to damage because of adverse weather, vandalism, vehicle impact, and other general wear and tear. 

In cases like those mentioned, it would be more economical to have them repaired instead of replacing them and buying new ones. If the coating of steel bollards has already faded, they only need to be repainted.

On the other hand, for severely damaged steel bollards, the area where it’s installed must be excavated. The steel bollard must also be pulled out. Then place a new base to make the bollard stand strong at a level position. After that, repair the asphalt around the bollard. 

Steel bollards are, no doubt, a worthy investment. They greatly contribute in lessening annoying vehicular traffic as well as in keeping facilities secure and protected. 

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