The 3Cs Your Wheel Stops Should Have

Wheel stops are installed for various reasons, not only to limit the travel of vehicles within the parking space, but also to ensure that in cases of accidents, where the vehicles do inadvertently drive out of its designated space to collide with other cars or facilities, the damage and harm is kept down to the bare minimum. Wheel stop also acts as a tool to inform the drivers, when bumped into, that it is time to stop and that they had moved too close to the end of the space.

Rubber Wheel Stops

With so many different types of wheel stops in the market, now the questions revolve around which is better. Notice that wheel stops come in different sizes, length, material, and colours. These differences are not unintentional as each of these features contribute and serves different functions. Putting aside their features, no matter what type of wheel stops you purchase at the end of the day, ensure that the wheel stop that you had chosen have achieved the 3Cs – that they are Cost-effective have high visibility Colour and come with Complete Fixings.


The wheel stops you choose should not only be economical, but it should also be effective in serving its purpose. This is the part where you decide on their sizes and colours and the materials they are made of. For example, in often packed and busy parking lots like in shopping centres or markets, rubber wheel stops should be your choice. Do ensure though that they are of strong and sturdy materials are sustainable and are able to withstand bumps and hits from vehicles. Here in Image Bollards, for example, our Dugite 1650 Rubber Wheel Stop is made from recycled materials that will not chip or corrode easily.

Besides, another reason why you would want to look for a product that is highly sustainable is so that your money can be of good value. Imagine having to replace a wheel stop every few times a year. Not only is it a waste of money, it is also not practical as it requires manpower to have them installed and removed.

Colour (High Visibility)

Wheel stops should come in high visibility colours that grab the attention of the drivers. Take the Dugite 1650 as an example, the wheel stop comes in yellow high viz panels that are difficult to miss. Of course, not all wheel stops come in yellow, depending on their function. The blue wheel stops, for instance, is to highlight the parking spot for the disabled drivers. However, take note that regardless of their colours, ensure that they are bright, visible and does not easily fade.

Complete Fixings

When we make purchases of any item at all, we should also consider the fixings and the warranty that comes with it. Do you have to install the wheel stops on your own? What should you do to make replacements? Here in Image Bollards, your purchases come with complete fixings for the wheel stops. What more, for replacements of wheel stops, take note of our company name and number engraved on the wheel stop. Our team is simply one call away.

Image Bollards manufactures and sells a range of wheel stops in Perth Australia that caters to different functions, needs, and situations. Apart from the rubber wheel stops mentioned above, Image Bollards also offer wheel stops that are meant to cater for heavy and larger vehicles, the Heavy Duty Truck Stop and Compliance Wheel Stop that is designed to suit the harsh and extreme temperatures in Australia. For further information and assistance in making a decision, do not hesitate to contact our team