The Benefits of Installing Bike Racks at Schools

Many people may not be aware that May is National Bike Month here in Australia and one of the first big events is the 4th Annual Bike to School Day. Cycling to school is a fantastic method of transport for children, it’s a healthier way to travel, and it helps to build confidence. Of course, if you want to promote cycling the children will need somewhere to park their bikes, and that’s why bike racks are essential. Like any mode of transport, a certain amount of infrastructure needs to be in place if you want to encourage it as a viable option. Let’s take a closer look at cycling to school and how bike racks can help.

Bike Racks

Why Cycle to School?

A Danish study carried out in 2012 found that the children that cycled or walked to school had better concentration than those that were driven there or used public transport. A good level of concentration is essential for learning, and the researcher found that this increase lasted for around four hours into the school day. These findings were part of the “Mass Experiment 2012” project that examined how diet, exercise, and concentration were linked in children between the ages of 5-19.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

When children cycle to school, they often have a stronger connection to the community. They get a taste of independence, a stronger bond with other cycling friends and some much needed exercise. Let’s face it, many children a far too sedentary in their habits and any activity that can get the heart pumping should be encouraged. A study found that children that cycle or walk to school get 3% more minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day compared to their peers. That may seem unimpressive, but when you add it together it’s an extra 24 minutes of good quality cardio exercise every day!

Cycling with Parents

Many parents now cycle to school with their children instead of taking the car. This is a fantastic bonding exercise for all ages, and it gives the children a great deal of confidence. Learning how to balance on a bike is fun and once the child is dropped off the parents can continue on and cycle to work if that works with their schedules. Younger children can be transported in cycling seats behind their parents, and this is a great way to get them used to riding on a bike. There are even trailers to carry children and even shopping when you’ve collected the kids from school.

The Importance of Bike Racks

Cycling to school is very exciting as an activity and a concept, but it needs to be supported with bike racks. Modern bikes can represent a significant investment, and it’s vital that they are locked up securely for the day. There are many styles of bike racks to choose from, so it makes sense to get some expert advice before you make a final commitment to buy. If you’re looking for high quality bike racks in Perth Australia, get in touch with Image Bollards today.