The Evolution of Fixed and Removable Bollards

We are by now very used to seeing bollards all around us as we move through different areas. They are used as a protective measure for pedestrians and to guide traffic. Despite the well documented benefits of using bollards, some city planners still resist using them on a larger scale. Let’s take a closer look at some of these objections and the ways that bollards could actually help a site a manager even more.

The Objections for Using Bollards More Extensively

One of the initial beliefs held by planners is that using bollards more will create limitations in mobility and vision for differently abled people. There is this perception that bollard use will inhibit the usability of wheelchairs and make spaces harder to navigate for vision impaired people. Another objection is that maintenance tasks, such as snow plowing, drain cleaning, and street maintenance, will be harder. Finally, there are still concerns that bollards will cause extensive damage to vehicles that hit them. Whilst, many of these concerns are valid; they don’t really have much merit because of the advances in bollard technology.

The Different Kinds of Bollards Available

Many of the objections can simply be dealt with by choosing the correct bollard, here are the three main types available.

The Fixed Bollard

This is where much of the resistance is focussed; a fixed bollard is a permanent fixture. It can be installed directly to the surface using bolts or sunk into the surface and then filled with concrete. It’s a great solution for high security areas, but it’s very inflexible for a modern space.

Removable Bollards

These are mounted using an underground sleeve mounting that is permanently in place. However, there is a gap at the top of the bollard that facilitates easy removal if required. To restrict access to the removal, a locking mechanism can be added. This allows the rules of access to be changed whenever necessary and negates a great deal of the planning criticism.

The Retractable Bollard

This is very similar to the Removable bollard, but the retractable bollard can be sunk into the ground when not in use. This can be a manual operation, or it can be carried out electrically or hydraulically. This kind of system can be controlled remotely, but the cost may be prohibitive for smaller sites.

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