The Unnoticed Advantages of Speed Humps on the Road

Speed humps, together with speed bumps are often considered to be a nuisance in the road by most drivers. While it is true that it hinders vehicles from speeding too much when they are in a hurry, it is also beneficial in preventing many road accidents.

From most drivers’ point of view, they should not be placed on the roads at all. However, many often interchange what needs to be understood is that speed humps and speed bumps that people think of them as the same these days. Speed bumps have shorter travel distance which therefore forces a more aggressive bump for a driver. Since it measures up to six feet long, it forces a steady decrease in speed. It often results in two bumps, which most drivers hate. It also causes an almost full stop for the car.

The reaction to this inconvenience is, in fact, understandable from a driver’s point of view. However, it is also good to know that speed humps, on the other hand, are more gradual in effect. Modern speed humps for sale are often around 12 – 14 feet wide and sometimes, it even covers the entire width of the road. The purpose of this is to slow down vehicles but not to entirely stop them. Lanes and local roads are often the locations for these. If appropriately observed, speed humps are therefore not as exaggerate as speed bumps and often offer benefits unnoticed by road passersby.

Speed Humps


Speed Humps as a Speed Calming Tool

Speed issues have always been one of the major problems since the invention of vehicles. There are speed limits in different roadways, but for some reason, motorists still tend to neglect it especially when traffic officers are not around. Speed humps, especially rubber speed humps force drivers to slow down in specific areas even without the presence of authorities. These are often the case in roads close to schools or crowded pedestrian. A study says that it significantly helps in preventing cars from hitting properties and citizens.

Speed Humps as a Traffic Calming Tool

Traffic is often caused by cars which refuse to give way to one another. Although this usually happens in urban cities, it is also starting to be a problem in rural areas due to the increase of vehicles. It may be an unavoidable issue; however, by putting speed humps close to intersections, control is implemented. It allows the drivers to slow down and therefore be more aware of traffic signals.

Speed Humps as a Controller During Winter

During winter, the roads are often frozen and become slippery. It is one of the severe problems encountered by countries such as Australia. Speed humps Australia is situated everywhere strategic not just for the primary reasons stated above but more so, to aid motorists during the cold winter season. As the tires are prone to slipping even after being customised, these humps along the road prevent cars from skidding too far from the way, therefore preventing injuries and even death as well as the vehicle being damaged or causing damage to properties.