Things to Know About Temporary Safety Barriers

Most people nowadays are litigious. They no longer resort to personal settlements and usually prefer to straighten out disputes in court. This adds up to the pressure to ensure the safety of pedestrians on your site, if you do not want to get sued. Temporary safety barriers are vital safety measures highlighted in The Worksite Safety – Traffic Management Code of Practice 2010 (The Code) and Australian Standard 1742.31.

With that in mind, and of course for public safety, safety barriers are necessary. Temporary safety barriers are usually made with concrete, steel or a combination of both. 

A temporary road safety barrier is installed for security and hazard protection purposes when there are ongoing road works, short-term emergencies, or similar conditions. This type of safety barrier, as the name connotes, must be removed when the work or the emergency is over.

Some specific functions of temporary safety barriers include, management of pedestrian traffic, crowd and safety control, barricading areas in which access is limited or restricted, alerting some personnel about a short-term hazard such as minor construction works or liquid leakages. They also help separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic, inhibit entry of an out-of-control vehicle, and show vehicle redirection functions.

How do safety barriers work?

When an out-of-control vehicle hits a temporary safety barrier, the barrier redirects the vehicle away from the worksite. Temporary safety barriers will have some deflection when they are impacted; that is to say that at the point of contact, the fence will be pushed, or bent backwards to some extent. This minimizes the impact for the people in the vehicle, however, may create a threat to the people close to the back of the safety barrier.

Temporary safety barriers are used when:

  • Workers or roadwork plants can be struck by the passing traffic.
  • Passing traffic could impact hazardous objects or deep excavations within the worksite.
  • Vehicles might hit a worksite structure, causing it to collapse.
  • Pedestrians or cyclists are at risk.

What is a safety bollard?

Security & safety bollards are short durable vertical posts which can safeguard your property from the impact of vehicles. Basically, they act as a strong barrier. These safety bollards have the capacity to resist and absorb high-level impacts. 

Safety Bollards play an important role in emphasising restricted access. They can also be used for great security and parking issues. They can be installed to prevent anyone from taking your parking space without permission. They protect pedestrians, work areas, and storefronts from traffic accidents. The high-visibility safety bollards increase driver awareness, as well as providing physical barriers protecting people and property.

They are also used to divide traffic lanes or directions, alongside buildings and entryways, and many more. Just remember that safety bollards are primarily designed as visual guides rather than physical barriers.

The importance of getting temporary barriers and safety bollards from trusted providers can’t be any more emphasised. When it comes to ensuring people’s safety, quality is definitely a priority. Here at Image Extra, we provide a selection of first-rate safety bollards for residential, commercial, or industrial use. Give us a call now!