Using a Convex Mirror for Security and Safety

An outdoor convex mirror is a great way to improve security and safety on your site. You may have seen people fitting convex mirrors for driveways, to see blind spots or in shops to prevent theft. They are not hard to fit, and if they are installed correctly, they can improve visibility significantly. Let’s take a closer look at how a convex mirror works, the best ways to use them and some of the benefits they provide.

What is a Convex Mirror?

These mirrors are made from a special kind of polyester with a weatherproof polycarbonate face. They are slightly curved to allow visibility that would not otherwise be possible. They are available in a variety of sizes, such as 450mm, 600mm, 800mm and even 1 metre. They are usually mounted on a post or a wall, and they are fully adjustable. The size and positioning of the Convex Mirror are very important and dependent upon the needs of a particular site. Some other names for this kind of mirror, include: a curved mirror, a parabolic mirror, and a fish eye mirror.

Some of the Usual Applications

Improving safety

These mirrors are a fantastic safety device to use in dangerous high traffic and pedestrian areas, such as warehouses, car parks, and hospitals. Wherever pedestrians and vehicles come into closer proximity, the chances of an accident increase significantly. Increasing visibility improves safety by increasing viewing angles and offering vantage points that would not normally be possible.

Improving Security

Businesses that need to increase their levels of security can use Convex mirrors. They can be used as inspection devices, and they can improve the field of view for security personnel. As a passive device, they are always on and not subject to power outages or equipment failures.

Enhancing traffic flow

If your site has a lot of corners and blind spots, it can impact the flow of traffic. There is a tricky balance to strike between safety and traffic flow, and convex mirrors can help. Both drivers and pedestrians will be better able to make decisions because they have more visibility and they won’t have to stop if there is no need to.

The Benefits

These mirrors are impact resistant, long lasting, easy to install and cost efficient. They provide an excellent field of vision, and they are fully weatherproof. They are flexible to use as they can be installed in a variety of different ways using wall mounts or posts.

If you’re a site manager, business owner or safety professional looking to improve safety and security contact us. Here at Image Bollards we supply and install a wide selection of security and safety equipment, including convex mirrors. All of our product range is manufactured to high standards and are fully compliant with Australian standards. Our sales team is here and standing by to discuss your needs in greater detail and to answer any remaining questions you may have.