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Using Decorative Bollards To Protect Facilities

Decorative Bollards

Decorative bollards give a great aesthetic appearance to any commercial, industrial, educational and private facility spaces, without compromising functionality, protection and security.  They also have many benefits – not only do they look stunning to the eye, they offer privacy for private residences, security for shopfronts, controlling foot traffic at events and making a walkway safe for pedestrians – they are also functional and the safest way to protect your home and car, as well as keeping pedestrians safe.

Bollards are strong and these days they come in a range of different materials, the most common being stainless steel, plastic, cast iron, cement and stone, allowing for versatility, convenience and customisation.  They also come in different varieties including permanent, flexible and removable bollards.  

You will find many great colours available that will complement surrounding aesthetics, and you can customise your bollards by choosing different top castings, fluting decorations, chain links and landscape lighting – you can even pick a fancy bollard cover if you opt for a cheaper plain bollard and want to dress it up to look more appealing.

Educational Facilities

There are many areas where vehicles and pedestrians come into close proximity. None of these situations is as essential or emotive as a school or other educational facility. Typically, the people attending are younger, less experienced and easily distracted which can have fatal consequences. There are also other aspects to consider, such as vehicular access, security, and parking concerns. All of these problems can be solved by using the correct kinds of bollards, but they are ugly to look at and uninviting. Fortunately, there are decorative bollards available that are both functional and stunning to look at. Let’s take a closer look at how these kinds of bollards can be used to make educational facilities safer.

Perimeter Security

We all want our children to be safe, and perimeter security is vital to protect student drop off points. These areas can become slippery in colder or wetter weather leading to an increased chance of a vehicle losing control. Adding a more imposing physical barrier such as a brick wall would be impracticable as it would slow down student foot traffic and delay class starting times. A series of bollards can solve this problem by increasing visibility and offering a physical barrier to protect pedestrians

Clearly Defining Pedestrian and Road Boundaries

A decorative bollard is a great way to set a clear boundary between a foot traffic area and a vehicular one. High visibility or reflective bollards can be used to ensure that the boundary is clear in low light conditions or at night for evening classes. This can also help with security as areas bordering the facility can be lit at night to increase visibility. When used in conjunction with appropriate signage and road markings this is also a great way to mark areas for authorized traffic only.

Using Removable Bollards at Entry Points

Having removable or collapsible bollards fitted at entry points offers a lot of flexibility for a site manager. Access to these areas can be granted or denied as required by officials at the school. A prime example would be a school trip where multiple buses for classes of students could necessitate the removal of bollards for easier organization when getting on and off the bus. In the event of an emergency where vehicles are in attendance, it would be helpful to remove bollards to allow easier access for emergency personnel. On the perimeter of the school, bollards could be raised to increase security or to prevent a vehicle leaving the area.

Decorative Bollards for all facilities

Whilst many bollards are permanent and removable for maximum security and safety, surface-mounted bollards can deter erratic drivers in high-density areas. Retractable bollards are also great for stopping unwanted cars from accessing secure areas. Even for night time reflective and lighting options are available to help clearly define pedestrian and road boundaries. 

Earlier in the blog we looked at how decorative bollards are used to protect educational facilities, so here is a list of other facilities also using decorative bollards as effective safety solutions.


Marinas can be dangerous if you do not look where you are going – and you could end up taking a sudden dive into dark, murky waters. Many marinas are now using decorative bollards with lighting to guide boat owners to their boats and guiding staff on jetties when it is dark.  They are also used to keep people out of restricted areas or unwanted visitors who are not members.


Bollards are mainly used at beaches for pedestrian safety and to stop any vehicles from accessing the beach, which could be a potential hazard for beachgoers.  Many decorative bollards are being used not only for safety and protection in pedestrian areas, but they’re also becoming colourful art installations with artists creating and depicting surfers, bathing beauties and lifesavers.

Local Parks

Many parks are now using bollards not only to protect visitors from unwanted vehicles entering the park but they are also being used to enhance the landscape and pedestrian pathways.  They are also being used to provide bike parking, protect play areas and manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Urban Areas

The urban environment today can be challenging with increasing traffic on roads and cities becoming overcrowded, as more pedestrians rush to get their shopping or go to and from work. Bollards are becoming more known as architectural bollards on our urban streets, as local governments and councils turn them into decorative features to enhance the cityscape, and look less invasive.


There is an increasing number of retailers and shopping centres using bollards to protect their assets from damage.  Not only are they also being used for both outdoor and indoor protection, but many shopping centres are also using decorative bollards for parking areas, creating a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians, and creating entrances that are aesthetically pleasing to customers.


Decorative bollards are an essential part of every event, whether a concert, exhibition, party or market.  They’re used to control crowds, guide pedestrians to different areas of an event and create fancy barriers for VIP access.  They’re also crucial for maintaining the flow of vehicle and foot traffic, as well as keeping people safe. In particular, decorative bollards at celebratory events such as weddings, birthdays and parties have become part of the aesthetic theme.

Private Residences

Many residences now are purchasing decorative bollards to protect their home and assets from rogue vehicles entering and damaging property.  They are also being used to guide people up driveways and used as a stop barrier for vehicles parking close to the property.  Many parking spaces are built on steep development sites, and bollards are used to protect a vehicle from going too close to the edge. It’s becoming common for homeowners to use decorative bollards with landscape lighting to enhance the aesthetic of the property and give a decorative element to its surroundings.

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