Using Security Bollards to Secure Your Parking Space

It is hard not to have noticed that there are more cars on the road than any other time in our history. Along with the higher volume of traffic, we have to deal with increased competition for parking spaces. Many people have noticed some brazen displays of parking that have blocked access and restricted the flow of traffic. Even private property is not sacrosanct, and there are many reports of cars being parked in private spaces without permission. Security bollards are a solution to this problem for residents and property managers that need to secure a parking area.

Basic Bollard Security Issues

Firstly, it is important to understand that you must have permission to secure the property or parking space in question. You may be the owner, and you can make the determination for yourself. However, if you’re renting a parking space, you will need the go-ahead to carry out an installation. Next, you need to do a little research and evaluate which kind of bollard will suit your needs best. Finally, you will need to choose a respected local professional to handle the purchase of the bollard and carry out the installation.

Choosing the Right Bollard

There are a lot of different types of bollards available, and some will suit your particular needs better than others. Although bollards are available in a variety of different materials, we should be looking at stainless steel models to suit our purposes. Bollards are available as a permanent security installation, but these are not useful for parking purposes.
The best option is to choose a bollard that can be folded down, removed or retracted when required. This will allow you to remove to bollard, drive your car into the space and then put the bollard back in place. Folding bollards are usually cheaper and easier to install, they are locked into place and then unlocked to fold them. Retractable bollards are more expensive, but they retract smoothly into the ground manually or automatically.

How Many Bollards are Needed

There are a lot of rules to consider when using bollards for security in different locales. However, if we are simply using a bollard to secure one parking space we only really need a single bollard. If the bollard has a decent locking mechanism and is made of steel, it will prevent access. The bollard will also offer protection from car thieves, and there may be positive insurance benefits enjoyed by those fitting them.

If they are interested in using security bollards, Perth residents and property managers should contact us. At Image Bollards, we have a wide selection of safety and security products available including security bollards. We can supply these solutions and if you require we can also install them for you. All of our products are manufactured to be compliant with all Australian standards. Get in touch with us today; we look forward to answering any remaining questions that you may have.