Using Wheel Stops in Your Parking Structure

Wheel stops are a highly effective method to control traffic in your parking structure. They are a great method to use if you want to protect parked cars, landscaped areas, and buildings or other structures and infrastructure. This can all be achieved for a minimal investment compared to the benefits received in return. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of using wheel stops in your parking areas.

Wheel Stops

Why You Should be Using Wheel Stops

If you’ve ever considered using wheel stops on your property and you’ve resisted the change it may be time to make the investment. When they are used in a parking facility wheel stops can prevent vehicles from moving beyond the end of their parking bays. This will create a safer space between other cars to avoid damage and to avoid encroachment into pedestrian areas.

The Prevention of Low Impact Collisions

There are far more parking structure low speed collisions than you may think. Many drivers lose focus when they search for and maneuver into a parking space. This makes it all too easy to pull a little too far forward into a space and hit another car or a pedestrian. This can lead to an injury, damage to another vehicle or property damage. This will create problems for your parking location, and it’s always a better idea to prevent an accident before it can occur. When the end of the parking bay is protected by a wheel stop, it will give the driver a physical barrier to remind them to stop without damaging their car.

More Effective Traffic Control

Every parking facility manager has had to deal with visitors and customers driving against the flow of traffic. When drivers pull through their parking bays and forward into lanes, they can easily put property and pedestrians at considerable risk. When you use wheels stops, you’re making it clear where the end of the parking bay is located. It’s a clear statement that pulling through the parking spot is not permitted in your parking area. This is a great way to control traffic and thus reduce the chances of accidents and damage.

Creating a Professional Looking Parking Area

There is no getting away from it, first impressions count for a lot, and this is equally true for parking areas. If a customer sees a car park that looks scruffy, they will be less likely to park their car there. This also extends to the neatness and uniformity of the parking spaces. A set of wheel stops at the edge of each parking space will help to keep the parked cars in neat lines. This will prevent drivers from parking on an angle and taking up multiple spaces. The car park will also look orderly, efficient and well maintained and people will be encouraged to park their car there.

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