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What Are Surface Mounted Bollards?

surface mounted bollards

Safety bollards are posts used to guide both pedestrian and vehicular traffic in establishments, their car parks, and surrounding areas. They can restrict vehicular access to certain areas and warn drivers so they don’t crash.

In the event of accidental or even intentional crashes, it will reduce the impact of the crash and prevent major, costly damage.

Bollards provide general security and safety for your establishment. There may be times you would want to allow access to the area, so you may want to consider other bollard types.

Permanent bollards are the most common by far, as they’re generally installed in areas where they’ll never need to be moved or removed, and are often installed during the building project. However, surface mounted bollards have many advantages, making them more suitable than permanent bollards in a range of circumstances!

What is a surface mounted bollard?

Surface mounted bollards have the strength and durability of traditional steel and concrete bollards but with easier installation. There is no excavating, drilling, concrete, or repainting needed. They can be anchored directly into any asphalt or concrete surface for reliable protection that will last you years.

Surface Mounted vs Permanent Bollards

Surface mounted bollards and permanent bollards are comparable in durability but each with their own advantages.


To install permanent bollards, you need to drill a deep hole, wider than than the bollard itself, install and reinforce the bollard with concrete, and then resurface the surrounding area. While this isn’t an issue for projects, when the bollard can be installed prior to finishing the surrounding ground, it can be hard to patch a nicely tiled floor affordably!

Surface mounted bollards are installed by anchoring them with base plates and securing them with bolts. Installation is completed in mere minutes, and in most cases these deep bolts are sturdy plates are perfectly secure!


Permanent or fixed bollards are meant to stay in place for years as they are reinforced with concrete and sunk deep into the ground. Surface mounted ones can be easily moved as needed. Simply remove the bolts on the anchors and put them back on once you find the right location. The hole left behind after the removal of a permanent bollard isn’t an easy one to fill- but surface mounted bollards leave only as few small bolt holes, easily patched or ignored!


Depending on the type of bollard you purchase, some permanent bollards are meant to bend upon impact so as to reduce impact on the areas it is meant to protect. Some of these will bounce back to their original shape while many won’t.

Many surface mounted bollards are shock-absorbent and won’t bend the same way, but their true advantage is the ease of replacement once they’re bent. A permanent bollard, reinforced with concrete, will do much more damage to a car or other vehicle than a surface mounted bollard. Essentially, by yielding somewhat, the surface mounted bollard will consume some of the energy that would have caused extensive damage to the car- and could seriously reduce repair costs and potentially save lives.

Afterwards, unbolt the bent one and throw a new one down!

Additionally, even if you can easily remove and install them to a new location as necessary, they’re engineered to function as well as permanent fixed bollards. You’ll have years of reliable protection in a matter of minutes!

When You Should Use Surface Mounted Bollards

Surface mounted bollards are ideal for the front of buildings or to mark off pedestrian-only zones. They’re also used in the corners of warehouses to prevent damage.

These bollards are available in highly visible colours with durable material so drivers can be easily warned from afar. For pedestrians and in work environments, they’re highly visible without any protruding parts people can accidentally trip over, or get caught up on.

They’re also great for areas where drilling or excavating the floor is not ideal or possible such as multi-level parking garages. Surface mounted bollards are popular for use in parking lots and in front of buildings for heavy-duty security.

The quick installation also makes it a great choice for time-sensitive projects.

If you think surface mounted bollards are the way to go for your project, we have a wide array of options you can check out to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements.

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