What Kind of Wheel Stops Should be Used in Your Parking Area?

When negotiating car parking areas, you probably have encountered wheel stops. Perth drivers may have noticed that there are a lot of choices available. They are an aspect of construction that is unobtrusive, yet they are designed meticulously to assist in parking and promote safety. If you manage a parking area, you need to consider wheel stops as part of your strategy, but which wheel stops will suit your needs? Here are some of the options available and the situations that they are most suitable for.

What is a Wheel Stop

Essentially, a wheel stop (also known as a car stop) is a physical barrier usually made from concrete or rubber. It can be used to control the movement of traffic, mark the boundaries of parking spaces and prevent damage to vehicles. A wheel stop can be purely functional, or it can be made more aesthetic if supplemented with foliage, such as small trees, shrubs and ground plants. The type of wheel stop chosen would be dependent on a few different factors as both concrete and rubber wheel stops have advantages and disadvantages.

Concrete Wheel Stops

As the name would suggest, concrete is the material used in the construction of this wheel stop. These wheel stops are commonly encountered in car parking areas where frequent loading and unloading is carried out. This is usually seen in supermarket car parks to force the visiting drivers to park in regimented lines. It protects the cars travelling at lower speeds from front and rear collisions when parking. Concrete is very durable being able to take bumps and knocks from even heavy vehicles with ease. One disadvantage to this solution is a lack of visibility in certain conditions, but that can be offset by adding signs, barriers, and foliage.

Rubber Wheel Stops

This kind of wheel stop may be less well known to many people. They are made of recycled rubber, and they are very durable. One key advantage to this kind of wheel stop is that they help the driver to park at a safe distance because they are available in highly visible colours. If a vehicle hits a rubber wheel stop, it is less likely to be damaged than if it had hit a concrete model. Because they are so tough and durable rubber wheel stops last for many years, and the colour doesn’t fade from UV light exposure. They can be easily fixed in place, they are easy to clean, and they won’t buckle in the heat. Rubber wheel stops are a great solution for commercial locations, such as warehouses, factories, and cargo loading areas.

Whether they are considering rubber or concrete wheels stops, Perth managers should contact us. Here at Image Bollards we have a wide variety of car parking and traffic calming solutions available, including wheel stops. All of our product range is made to exacting standards, and we have options to suit most budgets. Get in touch with us today; we would be happy to offer you advice and answer any further questions.