Wheel Stops for Stress-free Parking

One might think that the parking lot is a safe place because vehicles should be driving slower and most lanes are labelled with one-way signs or markings to model the traffic. In actual fact, however, parking lot accidents do happens and they are very common. Some of the more common ones are such as driving over the curbs into the drainage and backing into the wall, the parking facilities or another vehicle that is parked in front of or behind the car.

Wheel Stops

These accidents, major or minor, are not unusual and they are definitely not something to be ashamed of because parking does require good spatial skills. Estimating the amount of space left as you back or drive your car into the parking is not easy, especially for new drivers. Here in Image Bollards, we understand the struggles and had manufactured a range of wheel stops that would ease your parking experience. Following is how they can make a difference:

Parking Support Tool for Drivers

Depending on the rear view mirror alone is not enough because the rear blind spot is a huge problem. You literally can’t just believe your eyes. Though most cars today come with reversing alarms that beep when there’s something (vehicles or barriers) or someone in your way or is too close to you, the alarm, however, does not tell you the exact safe distance that’s left between your car and what’s behind you.

With wheel stops, instead of stopping based on what you see and what you hear, you’d now also be able to feel to stop. Feeling the bump when your tyres hit the wheel stops is a clear indicator that you are already fully in the parking space (within the box) and should stop.

Scratch-free Cars and Facilities

Wheel stops help keep the cars in a safe distance from other objects or vehicles by limiting their movement within the parking space. Installing wheel stops in the parking lots might be a good idea not just for customers to ensure scratch-free cars but also for business owners to ensure the safe and good condition of their parking facilities. This would for one reduce the possibilities of cars accidentally driving into the wall, the bollards or ticket machines and damaging them.

Walk-way for Pedestrians

Adding on to the above point, when the cars are parked properly in their designated area, it also means that they are not intruding into driveways and pedestrian walkway. Parking beyond the space provided might cause inconvenience to the pedestrian. Imagine people having to take a detour around a vehicle to enter the building or to cross because the car is blocking their path.

The rubber wheel stops, Dugite 1650 Rubber Wheel Stop is one of the Image Bollards best-selling wheel stops in Perth. Not only is it economical and sustainable, made of sturdy recycled materials that do not chip or easily corrode, it also comes in the colour of high visibility black and yellow. Compliance Wheel Stop on the other hand is made of high-tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather and comes in either yellow (high visibility for pedestrian safety), blue (indicate parking spot for the disabled drivers) or grey (for visual, to blend with surrounding).

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