Which Security Bollards Will Suit Your Needs?

Security bollards are a fantastic way to protect a vulnerable location and provide an easily recognisable physical perimeter. However, these types of bollards are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and shapes, so how do how do select the right bollard to suit your needs?

installing security bollards

Some Initial Considerations

Every property or individual building location will have several common risk factors that you need to consider. Impact protection is not the only factor; an effective barrier shouldn’t clutter up the area and make life harder for visitors. This is an area where bollards shine, other alternatives, such as fences, screens, and concrete blocks, impede pedestrian traffic unlike a line of bollards.

Evaluating Your Security Needs

Every site will have differing security needs and understanding them will help you to choose the right security bollards. A security barrier is placed to provide a physical and psychological deterrent to an unauthorised attempt to enter an area. It’s important to evaluate the potential threats and then identify the vulnerable areas that need to be protected. Here are four traffic related threat factors that you may want to consider.

1. Identifying Traffic Types

The types of traffic allowed on your site will have an impact on the types of security bollards that you choose. It should be remembered that vehicle mass will play a huge part in the amount of potential damage that a vehicle can do. A large truck will cause far more damage than a car or bike in a collision.

2. Traffic Frequency and Speed

If the site is bordered by or located in a high traffic area, the likelihood of a traffic related accident will be increased. The situation is even more dangerous if there are higher vehicle speeds involved. Driving at speed reduces driver reaction times, braking is impaired, and the damage potential is increased.

3. Vehicle Access and Road Considerations

How close can a vehicle get to sensitive areas or other buildings? Access to traffic and the proximity to areas, such as parking lots, on site roads and public streets, is undoubtedly a security concern. It’s also important to understand how traffic traverses the site and how it flows in and around buildings. Are there any long runs, where speed can be built up approaching an entrance or pedestrian area? Are drivers more likely to become distracted at certain times of the day, such as shift changes or at break times?

4. Vehicular Related Crime and Terrorism

Not every threat is related to a potential vehicular accident; there may also be vehicle related crimes to consider. Ram raids and vehicle based terrorist incidents are a real problem that many property managers need to guard against. These types of incidents are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and building occupants alike. Locations, such as police stations, government buildings, schools, and hospitals, are all historically tempting targets for terrorist attacks. Establishing a strong perimeter with security bollards will be helpful in deterring and mitigating the damage.

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