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Why Our Safety Bollards Are Easy To Use

Safety bollards are posts installed to restrict vehicle access and warn drivers not to crash into specific areas.

They also protect buildings and infrastructure from damage, including sites under construction. You probably see them every day without knowing what they are called.

Most bollards are made of steel to make them strong enough to deter vehicular traffic. In the event of an accident, they can protect a site from both low-speed and high-speed crashes.

While permanent bollards are more common, safety bollards can also be removable, automatic, or collapsible.

Types of Bollards

Permanent bollards are best for long-term security especially if the area frequently has heavy traffic. They are installed directly into the ground and can protect your site for years.

Collapsible or fold-down bollards allow you to create free space or provide vehicular access as needed. These can simply be folded down to clear areas for passage.

Automatic bollards help you control access to a site. These are usually remote-control operated so you don’t have to get out of your car to adjust the bollards yourself.

Planning Permission for Safety Bollards

A commonly asked question is, “Do you need planning permission to install safety bollards?”

The simple answer is, as long as it is installed within your own private land, you do not need planning permission to install any type of safety bollard.

If you plan to install it in a private parking space, the same rules apply.

Make sure you are aware of the boundaries of your private property to avoid any dispute.

Installing Safety Bollards

Most bollards do not require professional or specialised skills to be installed. You can do it yourself and save on installation costs.

Here’s how you can install safety bollards in your property:

  1. Assess the location.
    Ensure the area is safe to work in. Remove any possible hazards to your installers.
  2. Check the bollards and read the instructions.
    Our bollards come with complete safety and installation instructions, so read it to make sure all the tools and parts are complete.
  3. Mark the location for each bollard.
    Make sure they are aligned and no more than 1.5 metres apart. You can use a simple tape measure and marking chalk to do this.
  4. Carefully move bollards to the marked spaces.
    The safest way to do this is lifting with your knees bent and keeping your back straight. Lay them flat on some packaging material to avoid any damage to the bollards.
  5. Install the safety bollards
    Using a hammer drill with a 14 mm masonry drill bit, pre-drill holes into the concrete up to about 120 mm. Clean the concrete dust then place the supplied plastic plugs, hammering to secure them. Position the bollard and use the screws provided to fix them in place without over-tightening them.

As long as you read and follow the instructions, you should have no problem installing our safety bollards on your own!

Our safety bollards are easy to use so you can protect your property without much stress or effort on your end.

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