Why You Need to Consider Wheel Stops on Your Next Project

Many property managers are unaware of the importance of installing wheels stops. As the name would suggest, a wheel stop is installed to stop a vehicle wheel. Now some people may believe that’s an action that the driver of the vehicle can take as necessary. This is true, but there are circumstances when the driver may not recognise a potential danger or even fail to react quickly. This can result in a collision, and even at low speeds, this can have devastating consequences. Let’s take a closer look at why you should be considering wheels stops on your next project.

Wheel Stops

The Dangers of Low Speed Collisions

In most cases involving adults, a low speed collision will often involve a bruised ego or at worst a broken bone or two. Of course, this is bad; no-one wants to get hit by a car at any speed, but the resulting collision is rarely fatal. However, when smaller children are involved, the results can be far more deadly. Children are far more susceptible to becoming seriously injured, and they are far harder to notice in a busy car park. Many parking areas in supermarkets and school zones are prime locations for low speed collisions with inattentive parents that have children in tow. A child cannot judge speeds or risks, and this makes them prone to making poor decisions around vehicles.

Wheel Stops in Car Parks

When you use steel, concrete or rubber wheels stops in you car park you can make the environment far safer. The parking vehicle will only be able to park in their designated parking bay and cannot drift into other areas. This will help to guide the car safely and ensure that there is enough space between the cars to prevent car door dents and scratches. A wheel stop installed at the end of the parking bay will provide a physical barrier for drivers that want to drive through the bay in front of them. It will also act as a reminder for inattentive drivers that have not applied the brakes to park safely.

Using Rubber Wheel Stops

Rubber wheels stops are a better option than concrete or steel in many cases. They are a greener product because they are usually made from 100% recycled rubber. They are easy to install with basic tools, and they can be maneuvered into place by a single worker. Concrete wheels stops are expensive, hard to install and prone to cracking in external areas. A rubber wheel stop will not crack or fade, and it can be installed in high visibility colours make it a perfect option for busy car parks.

If you’re looking for wheel stops for your next project, get in touch with us here at Image Bollards. We install and supply a wide selection of high quality safety and security equipment, including rubber wheel stops. All of our products range is manufactured to exacting standards that are fully compliant with Australian rules and regulations. Our team is here and ready to discuss your specific needs in greater detail, and they will be happy to answer any other questions that you may have.