Okal Sentry Retractable Bollards

Okal Sentry Retractable Bollards


Image Extra have supplied, installed and serviced Okal Retractable Bollards for over 20 years in Western Australia.

Whether it is Perth Bikes Paths either side of the Freeways, Liquorland or Vintage Cellars Liquor Stores you will find Okal Sentry Retractable Bollards

HOT TIP! This bollard is lifted to full height for locking with an Okal Clutch key. It is a lifting key similar to a walking stick. It has a T Bar insert that you gently as you turn to lock or unlock, making sure the key is inserted to the collar. If it is abused (by ramming the key inside the tube) the collar may be forced back up the shaft meaning that for it to work you don’t insert all the way to the collar. You can undo the grub screw to move the collar back to its original position.


  • Withstands 3-4 tone force, depending on installation
  • Lift by heavy duty Clutch Key
  • Control access
  • Help prevent Ram raids
  • Servicing technicians available
  • Fixed bollards to match are available
  • Used by Main Roads on all bike paths


  • 89mm Square bollard, hot dip galvanised
  • Height: 470mm, 650mm, 800mm & 900mm
  • Epoxy painted Safety yellow
  • Weight: SPU470-22kg, SPU650-30kg, SPU800-35kg, SPU900-38kg
  • Red reflective band
  • Models: SPU470, 650, 800, 900.

Red reflective band

SPU900 – 900mm High
SPU-SS800PH – Yellow Highway