4 Reasons To Install Safety Bollards

A series of bollards is a great way to protect a building or clearly define a boundary line. However, they can also act as an important tool to promote road safety on your property. If you have safety bollards installed in the correct places, you can significantly increase pedestrian and traffic safety. In this article, we will take a look at four great reasons that you may want to install bollards as part of your safety strategy.

safety bollards

  1. Improving Traffic Management

A series of strategically placed bollards can play a crucial role in traffic management. Bollards are an excellent option for roles such as temporary traffic diversions, road closures, and test channelling. The bollards can be folded, removable and flexible models as required by the particular need.

  1. Promoting Pedestrian Safety

Wherever pedestrians come into the proximity of vehicular traffic the chances of an accident occurring increase significantly. Pedestrians and traffic simply don’t mix well in terms of infrastructure needs. There are many areas where pedestrians can be placed in danger, and even a low speed collision can cause an injury or fatality. Poor traffic signage, insufficient signals, unclear crossing areas, and crowded pedestrian walkways can all be hazardous. However, if you have bollards installed, they will improve safety by clearly marking the boundary between pedestrian and vehicle areas. In certain areas, such as entrances you may want to install bollards that can withstand a high impact to protect pedestrians.

  1. Traffic Calming Measures

When bollards are installed, they will act as a visual aid to keep drivers alert to potential problems. They are a great way to highlight areas with high curbs or to channel traffic onto a narrower road or entry/exit point. In a high traffic environment, such as a parking area or access road, a line of bollards will help to prevent drivers from accidentally mounting the kerb and intruding into pedestrian areas. If parking space is at a premium, some drivers may mount the kerb deliberately to secure a space or exit a space. This is dangerous; it can easily lead to an injury and/or damage to your property.

  1. Security Related Issues

A more robust bollard that’s resistant to high impacts is a good choice for sensitive areas on your property. Vehicular related crime and terrorism are valid threats that need to be taken seriously. Areas, where a large number of pedestrians gather or storefronts of businesses that carry an expensive inventory, are prime targets. Some examples of high risk areas could be schools, banks, museums, government buildings, and military installations. Another good candidate for this type of substantial bollard would be a building located on a busy corner or intersection. Typically, buildings in these kinds of locations are more at risk from higher speed traffic accidents that could intrude into pedestrians spaces.

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