How Do You Select the Right Parking Bollards?

When they think about bollards, Perth property managers can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer choice available. There are bollards available to suit a wide variety of needs and finding the right one for your project can be difficult. This is why many people seek out expert advice to ensure that they don’t make a costly mistake. In this article, we will offer some advice on how you can select the correct bollard.

parking bollards

Basic Bollard Functionality

The basic function of any bollard is to increase awareness and promote safety. This is especially true in any location where pedestrians and vehicles come into close proximity. Even well organised car parks can be chaotic places, and even a low level collision can result in a serious injury. Just think about the last time you visited a car park, you probably saw a number of potential accidents waiting to happen, such as pedestrians walking between parked cars, shopping trolleys left in dangerous areas, drivers reversing out of spaces without warning and vehicles travelling in the wrong direction. All of these factors can distract a driver or pedestrian and cause an accident.

Using Safety Bollards in Effective Car Park Design

In many cases, car parks are purely designed for their function to pack in as many cars as possible. Some project managers give little thought to safety and aesthetic appeal. It may seem strange, but on some level, your visitors will recognise that they are in a safe and well thought out car park. A truly effective car park will offer great vehicle storage, and it will also promote pedestrian safety.

Choosing Parking Bollards

The parking bollard must create a visible barrier to direct the flow of traffic and pedestrians alike. The bollard should highlight where the sensitive parking areas are and ensure that the interactions between vehicles and pedestrians are kept to a minimum. A well spaced row of bollards will create a clear barrier for vehicles and allow a free flow of pedestrians. This is in stark contrast to a solid barrier that will limit pedestrian access causing confusion and frustration.

Go for high visibility bollards that are constructed from materials that are resistant to vehicular collisions. If you need extra lighting for a parking structure used at night, look into bollards that have solar powered lights installed. If you have areas that need to have access denied at certain times, consider installing a bollard that can be removed, retracted or folded down and locked in place. If aesthetic appeal is important you won’t be disappointed; there are bollards available in a wide selection of finishes that are both beautiful and functional.

If they are thinking about installing new bollards, Perth Wa based property managers should get in touch with us here at Image Bollards. We install and supply a wide selection of high quality safety and security equipment. All of our products are manufactured to exacting standards, and they are fully compliant with all Australian standards. Our team is standing by to discuss your bollards requirements in greater detail, and they will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have.