How to Place Removable Bollards

Many people are well aware that bollards can play a major role in protecting property and people from damage and injury. The kind of bollard used and how it’s placed will dictate how the public interacts with the space and how well it will act as a vehicle barrier. A poorly sited bollard will offer little to no protection and could be a source of frustration for pedestrians and drivers alike. Let’s take a closer look at some key considerations for placing removable bollards to improve safety and security.

Ensure That You Stay Legal

The first thing that you need to consider is the legality of the bollard. All local laws need to be observed, and your potential placement will need to take the passage of emergency vehicles into account. Placing a bollard incorrectly could lead to bollard removal later and even incur a fine so triple check your legal standing before making a commitment.

Private Use Concerns

On private property, you will have far more flexibility in how and where you place removable steel bollards for safety and security. However, it should still be a primary concern to ensure that there will be adequate access for emergency vehicles. This will help you to keep your employees and customers safe in the event of an accident.

Always Consider Spacing

When a bollard is placed, the spacing is incredibly important depending upon the area and the purpose. A single bollard can be easily avoided by a ram raiding criminal targeting a row of storefronts in a robbery. In a vehicle collision, a single bollard may struggle to stop a vehicle that hits it at speed. When multiple bollards are used an area can be protected more effectively from vehicular crime by providing a consistent perimeter. During a collision, they will also combine their strength to more effectively stop a vehicle during a crash. It’s also important to think about wheelchair access and the space needed to navigate in between bollards. The spacing required can vary depending upon a number of factors, and expert advice will be invaluable in deciding which spacing you need to use.

Protecting Loading Docks

If you have loading docks, a series of bollards can be used to protect your buildings. In this case, you will need to consider the minimum widths of all the different types of delivery vehicles used at your facility. This would also include any storage containers that may be used and other lifting equipment that needs to move around the area.

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