Is a Retractable Barrier the Ideal Choice For Your Property?

There are a number of different types and style of bollards and barriers to choose from. This means that if you are looking to install some form of pedestrian traffic management system, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right one to suit your specific requirements. Here we will explore the ideal applications for retractable barriers provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision.

Retractable Barrier Basics

Whether you have been queuing up in a bank or moving between airport terminals, you are likely to have seen some form of retractable barriers system. Most forms of retractable barrier feature high visibility tape that can be extended or retracted from mounts on freestanding pillars. These pillars can then be connected with the tape, to provide an obvious walkway or isolate a hazardous area.

Barrier or Bollard

Although there are a number of different temporary bollard options available, this doesn’t mean that a barrier might not be the right choice for your property. Lightweight bollards can be easily placed for crowd and pedestrian control, but they often lack the flexibility of a retractable barrier. Perth property owners will find that barriers tend to be easier to arrange as you simply need to place the upright pillars into position before connecting the tape. However, if you are concerned about pedestrian safety from vehicles, a retractable bollard system may be better suited to your needs. Retractable bollards can be withdrawn into a sunken receiver, so that they end up flush to the ground, allowing vehicle access if required.

Indoor or Outdoor Applications

Your choice will also depend on whether you need to create a barrier indoors or outside. While many of the barrier options are available with powder coated housings, the lightweight nature of the pillars can make barriers an impractical choice for outdoors. In windy conditions or other adverse weather, you are likely to find that your barrier will be vulnerable to tipping over, which could cause damage to vehicles parked in the vicinity. However, in the calmer conditions indoors, a barrier can be an excellent option. The lighter weight allows for easier movement, which will allow you to tailor your barrier to suit your needs in any given situation.

If you are considering your pedestrian access options in Perth, retractable barrier specialist Image Bollards is available to help. We have a vast selection of barriers, bollards and other traffic calming measures. Our team would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best solution.