Expandable Barriers

Safety Barriers For Your Parking Lot With Image Extra

Expandable Barriers are the answer to fast and temporary access control. Whether it be closing off an area to pedestrians while cleaning is in progress or restricting access to a factory unit an expanding barrier is an economical and effective solution. Expanding up to 7.8 metres our expandable barriers are lightweight and convenient. Please browse our range and call us to discuss your requirements.

Enforcing Safety In Your Parking Spaces With Our Safety Bollards

We have many models to choose from starting with the BPG 2 Port-a-Guard Flexi which expands to 5.4m and can step up 300mm for changing floor levels. It can also pivot 270 degrees to go around any object against a wall.

The BPG 300+ BPG 600 Port-a–Guards can be Free Standing or Wall Mounted. They are ideal for stopping illegal entry to your warehouse. We have A4 or A5 sign frames and a selection of signage such as “STOP, NO ENTRY”

If you want a lightweight, inexpensive, Port-a-Guard for indoor or outdoor use then the BPGL8BY Port-a-Guard Light is for you. It expands up to 2.4m and the plastic legs can be filled with water for stability.

Our Safety Barriers Are Convenient And Fully Functional

The BPG6 expanding barrier is easily carried by 1 person and is ideal for cordoning off small areas, while the Port-a-Guard Maxi expanding barrier will interlink to form a continuous barrier and is designed to be used either indoor or outdoor as required.

Port- Guards are easy to store away once retracted, can be fixed in place, on feet or castors.

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BPG2 Port-a-Guard Flexi

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BPG300 And BPG600 Portaguard Expanding Barrier

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BPG6 Port-a-Guard Utility

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BPGL8BY Port-a-Guard Light

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Port-a-Guard Maxi

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