Is an Okal Sentry Bollard the Right Security Bollard for You?

With the diverse range of security bollards available, you need to have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Understanding the differences between each option will allow you to avoid creating unnecessary congestion and excessive costs. So, here we will explore how to determine which security bollard is the right choice for you.

Your Security Needs

While impact protection may be important, it is not the only consideration. To make the correct choice, you need to assess your security requirements. A security barrier needs to act as a physical and psychological deterrent against unauthorised entry. When you are planning your property safety, you will need to assess the risks and vulnerabilities. There are a number of threat factors which should be considered. These include the access and proximity to any traffic, the speed and frequency and speed of any nearby traffic and the types of traffic. For example, if your property is close to high speed, heavy traffic, your security bollard requirements are likely to exceed a standard okal sentry. Okal sentry bollards are more suited to lower speed areas, where drivers will have the reaction time to realise that the access is restricted.

Vehicle Access

Another important consideration is whether vehicle access is required. If you need to secure the area but will require vehicle access periodically, you will have different requirements compared to an area which does not require any vehicular access. For example, Okal Sentry bollards allow you to protect your vehicle and restrict access. The post of the bollard can be unlocked from the base plate and stored until it is required. This provides a visual deterrent but is easy to remove when access is needed.

Road Orientations

Finally, you need to consider the road orientations which could affect your traffic security and safety. You will need to consider the direction and flow of traffic near your property. If traffic flows towards your property with an unobstructed, long run up there is increased risk. Even if there are obstructions, you will need to consider whether the access is on a downhill trajectory. A significant downhill trajectory can reduce braking without drivers being aware of the potential danger. In these scenarios where vehicles will have the opportunity to build up greater speed, you may need to consider other security measures, such as speed humps to calm any traffic before access is restricted.

If you would like to learn more about the security bollard options available, including okal sentry bollards, Perth property owners should contact us. The Image Bollards team is available to answer any queries and help you to assess if an Okal sentry bollard would be best suited to your particular needs.