Safety Barriers or “Danger, Keep Out” Signs?

In workplaces like the factories, safety is and should be given the utmost importance. We do often see signage that warns people of the presence of hazards hanging at the entrance of these places, for example, the very common danger keep out sign. Signs like this can also be seen in common and busy places like the shopping malls, theme parks or markets, where some areas are strictly restricted for authorised staffs admittance only. However, the question lies in whether these signs are always effective. If you ask us, we think they are good but not enough to 100% keep people out.

Safety Barrier

Reasons why you’d need more than a sign

i. Unintentional trespass
Understand that it is possible for some people, workers or visitors, to miss the keep out signage and enter the restricted area unintentionally. It could be that the sign was blocked out by some other items or furniture, it could be that the sign is not big and visible enough, or it could be that the signage had fallen off. After all, the path was not physically blocked out.

ii. Intentional trespass
While you have people who may have trespass the premises unintentionally, you do also have people who are aware of the circumstances but choose to make their way in any way. It takes more than just a simple signage to keep these people out. Things would have been different if the path was blocked out and there’s no way in.

iii. Children trespassing
Though rare, we cannot just rule out the possibilities of children being present in workplaces like the factories. Take for example when the children visit factories for their school trip. Unlike adults, children might not be able to see the purpose of these signs and understand the dangers of crossing the line. Also, take note that dangers do not only occur in factories, many places in shopping centres, theme parks, furniture stores have areas that are restricted too.

What difference can safety barriers make?

a. No way in
Instead of warning people to keep out using a sign that might go unnoticed or be neglected intentionally, blocking out the access or entrance would be more effective. Physical barriers do not just inform people to stay out, they close up the path. There is literally no way in. Take Image Bollards’ Expandable Safety Barriers, for example, the barrier can be expanded up to 7.8 metres which can effectively close up an entrance, no matter how wide it is, leaving no spaces for people to slip through.

b. High visibility
Safety barriers are hard to miss. Aside from their physical feature of being wide and tall (expandable barriers), they also come in different colours that are highly visible to passers-by. Using the same product as an example, the expandable barriers come in bright safety yellow, strong red and white, and if requested, in other colours depending on your preference and needs.

c. Cost-effective
Forget hiring extra manpower to guard the area to stop people from entering the premise, safety barriers is the solution to fast and effective access control. Depending on whether the access restriction is frequent or rare, the safety barriers can either be mounted to the wall or be portable. Either way, they are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle.

Aside from the Expandable Safety Barrier, Image Bollards also has a range of other safety barriers of different functions catering to different events and situations. Browse our website or get in touch with our team to find out more!