Selecting The Right Parking Bollards For Your Needs
fixed bollards vs automatic bollards Selecting The Right Parking Bollards For Your Needs 1

When installing parking bollards on your property, it is critical to identify which type of bollard best fits your needs. If your establishment is located in an area with high traffic, durable parking bollards are a must. By installing parking bollards where needed, you can help motorists and pedestrians move along safely and efficiently.

Bollards are also ideal if you want pedestrians to still be able to move freely throughout your establishment or its vicinity. Unlike fences, bollards have spaces in between where pedestrians can freely pass through, while at the same time functioning as an impassable barrier for vehicles.

By installing durable bollards in your parking area, you can create a safe and convenient space for pedestrians while properly guiding vehicles that need parking.

Here are the different types of parking bollards you can consider:

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are also known as embedded or permanent bollards. Embedding the bollard in the ground and reinforcing it with concrete will increase its strength and resistance against impact.

We would suggest this type of parking bollard for properties that already have a permanent layout of their parking space. If you don’t think you will be changing your establishment’s layout in the near future, fixed bollards are your best option.

We would, however, advise against the use of this type of bollard in parking decks or areas with slab floors. The installation may result in the weakening of the foundation.

Automatic Bollards

While expensive, automatic bollards are preferred by property owners to block entryways of private properties while easily allowing the passage of authorised vehicles through the use of a remote control.

You may have already seen this type of bollard in large commercial establishments or as depicted in movies. This type of parking bollard can be retracted into the ground to restrict or allow entry as necessary. They are efficient and flexible, making it a popular choice for both traffic control and safety reasons.

Manual Bollards

This type of bollard provides the same convenience for the drivers and even pedestrians that an automatic bollard does. However, what differentiates them is the method of operation. Automatic bollards are retractable through a hydraulic mechanism. It is retracted with the help of electric controls or a remote, whereas manual bollards are retracted by hand.

When properly installed, bollards can help increase safety in your parking area as well as create visible boundaries in your parking space. Restricted or private areas will greatly benefit from parking bollards. They help direct traffic within your vicinity and prevent the unauthorised entry of people and vehicles.

It’s important to choose the right type of bollards for your specific needs. Consult with our experts so they can assess your property and help you make the right choice. Other than the type of bollard, you would also need to consider how it fits the aesthetics of your establishment and your budget. Insight from an industry expert like Image Extra will definitely help you make a decision you won’t regret for years to come.