Seven Tips to Set Up Crowd Barriers

Crowd control barriers can help keep entertainers and the crowd safe at any venue or event. However, if they are not setup correctly, they can be more of a hindrance rather than a help. Fortunately, here are seven tips to help you to set up your crowd barriers for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Plan Ahead

When you are scheduling your events, you need to consider crowd control. Barriers need to be planned out according to the size of the crowd, and you will also need to plan to have sufficient staff on site. Remember that you will also need to include an emergency action plan in the event of a worst case scenario.

Keep Things Visible

If you are directing spectators along your barriers, you will need to ensure that there is a visible path to follow. You will need signage to let people know where they need to queue, where they can buy refreshments or tickets and where the toilets and exits are located. This will help to keep everyone moving and the crowd in order.

Train Your Team

Crowd management is not simply a matter of putting a few barriers up and forgetting about it. Your team needs to be properly trained to ensure that everyone is kept safe. Before the event, your team needs to know how to keep queues moving and ensure that everyone remains calm. The team also need to be prepared for emergency situations or if there are any violent incidents.

Set Up Early

Your crowd barriers also need to be set up well in advance of your event. It is a good idea to plan to have your barriers set up at least several hours before you expect the spectators are due to arrive. It is almost impossible to set up effective crowd control measures if people are already milling around the venue.

Allow Open Space at the Entrance

Many venue organisers make the mistake of starting their crowd control measures at the entrance. While this may seem like a good idea, for safety purposes you need an open space of at least a metre or two at the entrance of the venue. This extra space is necessary for dividing the line or for the protection of everyone on site in the event of an emergency.

Avoid Straight Lines

While straight lines look nice and neat, they are not the best use of the space. It is a good idea to have your lines with some curves and bends. This will keep people from rushing the doors and causing a crush.

Choose the Right Barriers

Unless you are anticipating a very sedate crowd, metal barriers tend to be a more practical solution compared to basic rope barricades. Metal barriers maintain the line and prevent your barricade from moving or collapsing.

If you are planning an event and are in need of crowd control barriers, Perth organisers should speak to us. We have a wide selection of crowd barriers to suit all events and venues. The Image Extra team is also on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have to assist you in choosing the crowd control barriers best suited to your needs.