Crowd Control

In countless situations Crowd Control and Queue Control are essential to the running of a smooth and safe business. Whether it be controlling access to a check-in at an airport, cordoning off a hazardous situation / environment or just controlling traffic flow through designated areas you need the right equipment. Our fencing systems such as the Crowd-Q fencing system are perfect for the control of pedestrian traffic where as our Neata airport barrier is the answer to the orderly control of queues. We also have temporary solutions to handle emergency situations. Please browse our website and contact us should you have any questions.

Neata Highline portable rope posts

Free standing post that is portable with easy to use snap hooks to add 1-4 ropes. Weighing 10.5kg it is solid enough to be stable with ropes attached, but easy to carry and store. There are four rope colours to choose from with each rope 2 metres long, however other sizes can be custom made.

Neata belt posts

come with a 2 metre retractable belt in a choice of 7 colours. The belt Post can be installed in-floor, surface mounted or Portable. You have a choice of the Flexi that can tilt up to 10 degrees if impacted. The Slimline Portable has an 8mm low profile base and weighs 9.6kg overall. Made from 304 Stainless it stands at 950mm High. If your budget does not allow for the Highline or Slimline then the Econoline Portable Belt Post is for you. Made from 304 Stainless and standing at 900mm High it only weighs 8kg and comes with a 2 metre retractable belt available in 7 colours.

Retracta-Belt 7.6m wall mount

is used in warehouses to close off sections for stocktake, order picking or to load shelving safely. It can be screwed to the wall with a belt receiver clip on the opposite wall. The belt comes in a range of four colours and extends to 7.6metres. It weighs 1.2kg.

Retracta-Belt 7.6m magna mount

has a magnet in the polycarbonate housing so it will fix on to the pallet racking with a belt clip for added strength. The Retracta –belt extends to 7.6m. This is a temporary unit that can be moved around easily. It comes in a range of four colours.

Skipper cone mount receiver

is used when a Skipper retractable tape barrier is mounted on the top of one cone and over to this cone where it clips into the cone mount receiver unit. The receiver unit can accept two Skipper Tape Barriers allowing an 18 metre span. Made of anodized Aluminium it is made to last and can be fixed to a cone with the fixing screws provided.

Crowd-Q Fencing System

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Neata Queue Control Posts And Ropes

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Neata Airport Barriers

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Retracta-Belt Magna Mount

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Skipper 1 Metre Cone With Cone Mount Receiver

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Retracta-Belt Wall Mount

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Skipper Retractable Tape Barrier

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