What Type of Bollard Will Suit Your Needs Best?

There are a wide variety of choices to consider before making a final selection on which type of traffic bollard is right for your needs. Before choosing retractable bollards, Perth business owners should know all the relevant information. In this article, we will look at the different types of bollards available and some of their common applications. Armed with all this information you should be able to decide whether retractable bollards will suit your needs.

The Different Types of Traffic Bollards

There are four main types of traffic bollards available, but they come in a variety of configurations and can be manufactured with differing materials. They are, the embedded bollard, surface mounted bollards, rebounding bollards and retractable bollards. Each of these types of bollards is designed for very different applications, and they each have their own unique benefits and limitations. If you require a more aesthetic solution, all of these solutions are available in attractive marine stainless steel, with a polished or brushed finish. All of these bollards are designed to be as noticeable as you want them to be with reflective strips and/or high visibility colour schemes.

The Main Uses for Traffic Bollards

The usual uses for traffic bollard locations fall into four main areas, they are: traffic denial, protection for parking structures, security at a warehouse, factories, and retail outlets and drive through lanes. Obviously, there is no one size fits all solution here, location, application, and budget all affect the choice. A bollard that is fixed in place permanently is an easy proposition, but what if you need to only restrict access at fixed periods or allow access only to certain people? This is where retractable or removable bollards become a useful option, offering flexibility and security.

Removable or Retractable Bollards

These types of bollards deny and allow access in a few different ways, at its most basic a removable bollard can be a simple pipe that is dropped into a tube in the ground when required. This method is inexpensive, but it is easily circumvented and requires manual intervention to allow and deny access by a trusted individual. Another option is to use a bollard that has a pivoting mechanism that will flatten to allow a vehicle to pass over it. This kind of bollard can be raised and locked up with a padlock to prevent access when necessary. The most comprehensive method is to use a retractable bollard that retracts into the ground when not in use. This system can be activated in a number of ways via remote control by security personnel or from a central control booth. When not in use, the bollard top is flush with the ground to reduce the chances of damage to vehicles and unwanted pools of water from rainfall. Retractable bollards are very popular with many types of business premises and many insurers actually insist upon their installation dependant upon the value of stock at the location.

At Image Bollards we offer a wide variety of bollard solutions to suit your circumstances. All of our retractable bollards and other safety solutions are manufactured to exacting high standards. Our sales team can advise you about the latest retractable bollards prices and answer any other questions you may have.