Why Our Roads Need Safety Barriers

When we’re driving down the road, most of us give little thought to accidents. However, should the worst happen, there are often safety barriers in place to provide us with additional protection. These dividers stand at the side of the road, but you may not be wholly convinced that we need them.

The Purpose of Safety Barriers:

While you may be familiar with retractable barriers at businesses, safety barriers are not just for security purposes. These barriers act as guardrails that are placed between lanes of the road to separate the traffic flow in opposite directions, along roadsides, cliffs or bridges to prevent vehicles veering off course, and in between walking paths or roadsides to keep joggers, walkers or any pedestrians safe when they are near moving traffic.

How Safety Barriers Keep Us Safe:

Safety barriers or guardrails are not simply put anywhere, but they are placed according to engineering plans for maximum efficacy. The height, length, material and other characteristics of the guardrail are taken into consideration.

Road Railing Safety Barrier

The face or length of the guardrail protects any pedestrians or vehicles from wandering into dangerous territory. If a vehicle strays towards a safety barrier, it is redirected back onto the road. The end terminal of the guardrail is the edge of the barrier that is designed to absorb any heavy impact along the rail length. For example, if a guardrail is hit head on by a car, the barrier absorbs the force of the impact to slow the vehicle down. This means that if you do pass through the barrier, it will be at reduced speed to prevent further damage or more serious injury. Even if the safety barrier is hit at an angle, it still absorbs the impact, but the rail may be bent outward.

Safety Barriers are Not Just For Roadways:

Many of us assume that safety barriers are just for protection on our roads, but they can actually be a very useful tool for business owners. The barriers can be placed anywhere on your premises where there is a risk to safety from vehicles straying into dangerous areas. For example, safety barriers can be placed between parking bays and pedestrian areas, to avoid injury if a driver misjudges the length of the space. However, unlike the safety barriers on our roads, it is possible to install more attractive or discreet barriers on your property. Where access may be required at times, it is also possible to install retractable barriers. So, if you are concerned about safety on your site, it may be worth thinking about whether you need barriers.

If you are thinking about safety barriers for your premises, you should speak to us. We offer a myriad of options including retractable barriers. The Image Extra team members are available to discuss your specific requirements and help you to decide the option best suited to your particular needs.