4 Places to Use Expandable Safety Barriers

When you visit a sporting event or perhaps a music concert, you may notice that there are barriers in place to provide crowd control. These barriers are typically the waist high steel barriers that interlock to form a temporary metal fence. However, this is not the only type of safety barrier available, and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. Let’s take a closer look at four places where you might use expandable safety barriers to make that area safer.

Expandable Safety barrier

1. Retail Areas

A set of expandable barriers can be used to close off or restrict access to particular areas in a commercial setting. This is ideal if you need to carry out some essential maintenance or cleaning without losing revenue by closing the store. A single 3m expandable barrier is ideal for blocking a single corridor or an entrance. Larger 5m barriers can be used to block off larger areas, such as major walkways, wider passageways and to form divisions for queuing lines.

2. Schools

Every school floor and hallway needs to be cleaned and mopped daily. An expandable safety barrier is ideal for denying access to any wet areas as they dry. When they are used in this way, it’s also a good idea to add extra warning signs. Children can sometimes miss visual cues, and additional safety measures can be useful. These types of barriers are also a great help when organising school events, such as sports days and concerts.

3. Warehouses

A large facility, such as a warehouse, price club or wholesalers, is not typically open to the general public. However, these locations often store or carry items that could be fragile, bulky or require special handling. This may require the use of forklifts and other lifting equipment. For this reason, it may sometimes be necessary to restrict access to large areas within the warehouse. Establishing an easy to recognise perimeter can really help to keep employees and visitors out of restricted areas. Once the inventory has been secured the barriers can be removed again as required and normal operations can be restored. The flexibility of expandable barriers in this role makes them an ideal addition for these types of businesses.

4. Public Spaces

When people gather in and use public spaces, safety can be become an issue. These areas can be private pedestrian or vehicular in nature and improving safety is essential. As an example: an opened electrical junction box can be cordoned off with expandable safety barriers to prevent people from receiving an electrical shock. These types of barriers can also work well to control the flow of traffic and establish a clear perimeter between pedestrian walkways and roads. The barriers can be deployed quickly at peak times or for essential work and then removed later.

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