Better Queue Culture with Crowd Control Barriers

When we talk about the practice of queueing in lines, the Japanese are no doubt well known for their amazing discipline and queue culture. What you might not know though, is that we are also on the list! If you google ‘queue culture in Australia’, you’d be impressed and proud to see that we are pretty good at queueing up orderly and patiently (and happily) too. The motivation behind practicing and building such culture is simply because of the idea of being fair. You wouldn’t like it when people cut lines in front of you too, would you? Especially when you’ve been waiting for ages yourself.

Crowd Control Barriers

Now, we’d like to believe that everyone is practicing this good etiquette here but let’s be real that sometimes, in some situations, some extra ‘help’ would be good. Imagine places like the cinemas, restaurants, airports or theme parks during peak hours or holiday seasons. They are extremely packed! Anyone would get a little extra excited (or frustrated) during times like this, and it’s, though not an excuse to not queue, understandable that sometimes people go out of line. Literally. By ‘help’ mentioned above, we simply mean installing crowd control barriers.

Here’s why crowd control barriers can make a difference:

Happy Customers

With everyone queuing in order, unwanted situations like arguments of who comes first and who comes later would not occur. Also, crowd control barriers might be the most effective and convenient way to ensure that no one is able to cut lines or jump from one line to the other. There’s no need to shout and scream instructions because people know where they are supposed to queue. Not to mention, they are also good indicators to tell people where the line starts or end. This way, you won’t have people in line standing too close to the person speaking at the counter for privacy purposes.

Staff’s Productivity

When the queue is smooth and in an orderly fashion, the waiting time is more bearable. When the crowd is happy, it also helps with the productivity of counter staff. For one, they won’t have to be stressed out over the idea that the customers are annoyed and frustrated from waiting and would storm off any second.

Safety Ensured

When in crowded areas, safety is at stake. Not just the customers or attendees of the events, but also your staff. We’ve heard of cases of people falling and hurting themselves from the pushing and squeezing, We’ve also heard of pickpockets taking big crowds as opportunities to do their crime. With the barriers set up, people would be moving more systematically and safely, reducing the possibility of bumping into one another causing accidents.

Based in Perth, Image Bollards have a variety of crowd control barriers for sale, tailored for your needs; for big events like concerts (Crowd-Q Fencing System) or small events like fan meetings (Neata Queue Control Posts and Ropes), and for both permanent businesses and temporary events. Browse our websites for barriers that are portable, mounted to the ground or built into walls, and for barriers either with ropes or retractable belt post. Different colours, different length or different functions, any request at all, you name it and we’d do it. Contact us for any enquiries because we have the solution for your emergencies!