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Secure Your Place with Safety Barriers

A safety barrier is a tool that is used to put a stop to vehicles as well as individuals from entering or passing into an unsafe area. Safety barriers are used to prevent any kind of risks or possible accidents and injuries. They are designed to keep people away from possibly hazardous places. 

However, Safety barriers aren’t just used to control and manage the flow of traffic –they are also used to secure parking lots, private property, assets, and restricted areas

Two Main Types Of Safety Barriers

  • Hard barriers – used to physically control and restrict people and vehicles.
  • Soft barriers – electronic devices used for the purpose of keeping personnel safe amidst moving pieces of machinery.

What’s Your Comprehensive Vehicle Management Strategy?

When it comes to safety and security, having a comprehensive strategy is key. Safety barriers are critical in implementing vehicle management and security solutions across building sites, parking lots, and private property. Vehicle management solutions should aim to maximise efficiency and safety while keeping traffic moving. If you want to optimise your vehicle management strategy, speak to the experts at Image Bollards, and discover how you can make your system as safe and efficient as possible. 

Securing Parking Lots With A Safety Barrier

Controlling access to parking lots can easily be managed through the strategic use of safety barriers. Toll gate booths better control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. Safety barriers are also effective in preventing vehicles from accidentally encroaching on sidewalks and entrances near a parking lot, and restrict access to either paying or certified persons.

The Convenience Of Safety Barriers

  • Decrease crashes and accidents.
  • Minimises the possibility of head-on collisions.
  • Safety barriers are durable. They are sturdy enough to endure different weather conditions over a long period of time.
  • They are designed to withstand high impact collisions.
  • Because of their size, weight, and toughness, safety barriers are used to provide security to banks, hospitals, parking lots, and schools.
  • Relatively uncomplicated installation process: their weight alone is heavy enough to keep them in place.
  • Flexible safety barriers sustain minimum damage during vehicular collisions. They are an effective way to control access. 
  • Effective in controlling and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 
  • Safety barriers have excellent visibility – increasing their safety appeal.
  • Not only do safety barriers prevent car crashes and protect pedestrians – but they are also great for facility protection. 

Make Safety Your Long Term Investment

Safety barriers are valuable investments because they can provide your facility with the protection it needs. Invest in your security with Image Bollards. Enquire today about securing your site with our dynamic range of safety barriers.

Image Extra is the leading bollard supplier in Perth. With decades of experience, we pride ourselves in “Protecting Your Business”.